Alexandria, Va., Continues Pro-Illegal

Doesn’t it just make you feel special that a government is going to, in affect, take money out of the mouths of its legal citizens and give it to those who aren’t?

The city of Alexandria, Va., is expected to pass a resolution tonight renewing its commitment to extend public services to illegal aliens.

"We are reaffirming and recommitting our services and outreach to international citizens," Mayor William D. Euille, a Democrat, said yesterday.

That is a new one: international citizens. Regardless, they are illegal and should not be here. But, come on in!

Mr. Euille said that the resolution should pass unanimously but that Alexandria has no figures on the cost of providing services to illegal aliens.

"We haven’t calculated that, and we probably won’t calculate that," he said. "We have money designated for human services, but it’s not broken down by race."

Very telling. These Alexandria Democrats do not care how much it costs, just that they are attempting to pander to these illegals, in hope that they become legal voters, instead of worrying about their existing and legal residents. Liberalism at its worst: doing anything for continued power, no matter how wrong it is. And against the law.

But, illegals all can’t be bad, can they?

The signs of a new threat in northern Virginia emerged ominously in blood-spattered urban streets and rural scrub. Two summers ago the body of a young woman who had informed against her former gang associates was found on the banks of the Shenandoah River, repeatedly stabbed and her head nearly severed. Last May in Alexandria, gang members armed with machetes hacked away at a member of the South Side Locos, slicing off some of his fingers and leaving others dangling by a shred of skin.

They would be members of MS-13.

In Del Ray, a section of Alexandria, Virginia, MS 13 is believed to have been involved in the still unsolved murder of Nancy Dunning, 56, wife of the Fairfax County Sheriff, James Dunning, in the family home. Sheriff Dunning has a high profile position as the official responsible for the County Detention Facility that houses both local and federal offenders awaiting trial or deportation. The death of Dunning is attributed by Alexandria police as probably related to an incident in her business career in real estate.

So, Mayor Euille, will you give them social services?

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