Global Warming Today: More Meetings Will Fix It!

Just what we need (Via Insty)

Emissions of hot air at international meetings designed to prevent Earth from warming are rising. Just last week, more than 80 heads of state convened in New York under the aegis of the United Nations to decide how to tackle climate change.

Yippee yahoo! How ’bout that, meeting after meeting after meeting, all designed to allow politicians, blowhards, and those looking to make some cash, as well as enjoy some vaction time around the world, to discuss how they are going to f*ck up your paycheck.

More meetings are scheduled. In December, ministers are off to Bali, Indonesia, for further discussions to prepare for still another meeting in Denmark in 2009. There, the nations hope to agree to a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, due to expire in 2012. One shudders at the thought of the size of the combined economic footprints of these globe-trotters

Ah, the jet set lifestlye. Sipping champagne in the lovely gettaway destination of Bali, looking out over the beautiful sea, eating exotic seafood, and only a stones throw away from an actual issue, otherwise known as Islamic extremists. But the ice sculpture will certainly be gorgeous!

You want my ideas? We need to turn the thormostat down on that pesky Sun thing. I mean, we can do it with our boilers at home, right? Maybe a big mirror to block out 40% of the rays. Oops, that was Futurama. Maybe we can limit the amount of methane, sulfer, and heat released allong the mid-Atlantic Ridge. What? We can’t? Crap.

Or, how about this, based strictly on the last IPCC report, which blamed the majority of Man’s influence on agriculture, most particularly America’s. We simply stop producing more food then is needed to feed the U.S.A. The rest of the world is on their own. That way, we limit our methane and CO2 (snicker) output, which should make the rest of the world thrilled and love us again.

Huh? Climahysterics will not like that idea? But, we are addressing the main cause as stated by the U.N.’s IPCC report. I mean, they want to fix the problem, don’t they? What’s that? They do not want us to do it that way, but seriously degrade our economy instead, putting draconian measures in place that will bring us back to the 1910’s? No! You can’t be serious. Oh, yes, I forgot, instead, we can spend all our money on "carbon credits" instead. OK. I wonder who has a vested interest in all those companies.

Or how about this? We stop worrying about this whole absurd notion that it is all, or mostly, Man’s fault, and get back to dealing with real environmental issues? I like that one.

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6 Responses to “Global Warming Today: More Meetings Will Fix It!”

  1. SJ Reidhead says:

    I’ve been trying to contact you about the American Flag League blogroll and everything keeps bouncing back.

    SJ Reidhead
    The Pink Flamingo

  2. irtexas says:

    Like I said before I still call it the four seasons. Fox has a guy up in the Antartic and it’s, his words the coldest he has ever been in his life. Up there now it is fall. Russia has 3 icebreaker ships there and we have one. It’s the only one that works.
    I have to keep going back to why the Vikings name it Greenland. It was then. Now it is not. Even Jonathan(Fox) said the experts there are still saying cyclical. It happens every X amount of years.

    I don’t plan on sending algorical any money for off sets. I think the biggest thing to help get rid of our carbon problem is to get rid of the relics on the hill. Just think about all the hot air that will be gone.

    Also if we are the only ones addressing this so called problem what is our part going to do? China said they don’t have time to fool with it they have to worry about how to feed their people? No other countries are stepping up either. They are worried about getting their war machines up and running. So we are going to sit here and weave baskets? Please.

    No one has been able to tell me what the people of the other planets said when the gorical talked to them about their warming problems? So here we are the U.S. going nuts. Just do what is right recycle the cans, plastic, paper and what ever and get over it. Then break down all of this stuff and polute the air more.

    Did everyone move to San Francisco and not tell me? If so good, please don’t.

  3. Silke says:

    Teach said: Or, how about this, based strictly on the last IPCC report, which blamed the majority of Man’s influence on agriculture, most particularly America’s.

    That’s incorrect. This is from page 2 of the IPCC’s 4th Assessment Report (Summary for Policy Makers).

    The primary source of the increased atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide since the pre-industrial period results from fossil fuel use, with land-use change providing another significant but smaller contribution.

    Regarding your comment about the Sun and the methane and sulfur released along the mid-Atlantic Ridge, do you have any scientific findings to support that statement?

    Changes in solar irradiance since 1750 are estimated to cause a radiative forcing of =0.12 [ 0.06 to =0.30] Watts per square meter, which is less than half the estimate given in the Third Assessment Report.

    Now compare this to…

    The combined radiative forcing due to increases in carbon dioxide, methan, and nitrous oxide is 2.3 [ 2.07 to 2.53} Watts per square meter,

    From pages 3 and 5 of the Fourth Assessment Report:

  4. Go back and check it again, Silke. Regardless, all you folks who believe in global warming as caused by Man are ignoring history, changing your facts constantly to fit your “theory”-which doesn’t even stand up to the scientific method, changing dates, etc and so on.

    Whe does the Goracle refuse to debate? Why do so many of the big wigs in the movement refuse to debate? Cause they know that the real scientists will destroy them and expose them for the liars and alarmists they are.

  5. Silke says:

    Check what, Teach? I provided the quote and cited the page numbers. It’s interesting that the only report you cite contradicts everything you have stated. Why haven’t you provided other reports that support your claims?

  6. irtexas says:


    Head on over to LSU’s site and he has a good post on your topic.

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