The Gannon Issue

For about a week now, I have been trying to find out from the Contrarians why they are making such a huge issue out of the Jeff Gannon Contraversy. So far, no one is giving forth on their reasoning. Sure, it was a bad idea for the White House to give him credentials, but, then, they are free to give press credentials to whomever they want to. Is it so surprising that they would give a Conservative reporter access, when most of the major media players where constantly giving GWB bad press? Not like this is never done. Politicians spin the news to reporters all the time. They certainly have their favorites, and want favorable press. Big woop. Is it an issue? Sure. But a minor one. It certainly doesn’t compare to cBS and Dan Rather pushing a blatently false news story based on fake documents, or a CNN executive stating uncategorically multiple times that the US Military was and is systematically targetting media representatives, particularrly American ones, for torture and death. Yet the Contrarian bloggers have, for the most part, ignored the Eason Jordan story wholey, and stood up for Rather and cBS. This is the same group that wants no fraud in the elections, but was willing to put up with "memo-gate" because it was anti-Bush.

The contrarians have taken to harsh rhetoric and attacks on Gannon’s, whose real name is James Guckert, because of his links to homosexual activity. Hmm, I thought the Democrats were the party of inclusion and tolerence. But, as we have all learned, anything goes in the Left’s quest for power. They have no hard stances.

Still and all, the White House could have handled the situation better in giving Gannon a press pass, however, if he was a legit reporter, should his possible homosexual ties take him out of the running for that press pass? No. Heck, John Kerry has a spot on his official website about respecting the rights of Gays and Lesbians. Giving Gannon a press pass was probably better then black listing him.

In appealing a federal judge’s dismissal of President Clinton’s use of
executive privilege, White House lawyers claim there’s a major difference
between this administration’s scandals and Watergate. For one thing, they say,
the Clinton White House hasn’t used its powers to target critics, especially
reporters, as did President Nixon.


I’m a journalist, and as early as December 1994, the White House counsel’s
office targeted me, my organization, the

Western Journalism
Center, and one of my
associates, Christopher Ruddy, for our role in investigating administration
corruption and cover-up. I have the memos to prove it.

Jane Sherburne, then an associate White House
counsel, crafted a memo, later uncovered by congressional investigators, which
is — no matter how you slice it — an official enemies list. Back in 1994, the
White House didn’t have very many enemies in the media. We were the only ones
listed. But there were many other people targeted in the still-obscure
Sherburne memo.  (Joseph Farah is editor of the Internet newspaper and executive
director of the Western Journalism Center, and independent group of investigative reporters.)

Uh oh, I’m probably in trouble for using the "C" word.

Published in Washington, D.C.5am — March 30, 1998 White House uses the media to sully its
foes By Paul Bedard THE WASHINGTON

The White House (Clintons) has assembled and distributed to
friendly reporters files with negative information about political opponents to
offset stories produced by media seen as hostile to the president, The
Washington Times has learned.

And, I supposed, to the Left, having the White House, while Bubba was President, using the Internal Revenue Serivce to target media sources is ok. Of course, having hard evidence of this doesn’t matter to the Lefties. Now, a good conspiracy, i.e. rampant GOP fraud in Ohio and Gannon/Guckerts relationship to gay materials, is more important then any facts or figures, or right and wrong.

Let them pontificate over Gannon. All it will do is make them look petty, and keep them from dealing with real issues. Hmm, maybe there is a conspiracy. Maybe this who thing was planned to deflect the Left from the Social Security reform GWB is pushing. And, they bought it hook, line, and stinker.

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7 Responses to “The Gannon Issue”

  1. Ogre says:

    I’ll let you know how my application for a press pass with Easley goes…

  2. More On Jeff Gannon

    Good grief. I’m still shaking my head over this one. It seems that more details of Jeff Gannon’s life are emerging. (H/T Wizbang) The evidence suggests that he was a gay escort. So? I thought diversity was a good thing? Here’s what the left has t…

  3. Hmm. As long as he doesn’t find out you are part of the right wing conspiracy., everything should go ok. Make sure to bring plenty of waterless hand cleanser if you meet Easley

  4. Try bringing some hot fresh Krispy Kremes. Only an inhuman fiend could resist (and if he’s shown to be an inhuman fiend, then his political career is over anyway).

  5. The best donughts are at a little store called Donut King on Capital Blvd in Raleigh. Gotta try them one day.

  6. Ogre says:

    Donut King? I don’t know much about Raleigh. I know where the Amtrack station is, and I know most of everything between the Amtrack, the War Memorial, and the Capital Building. Never really been anywhere else there.

  7. If you are ever staying in Raleigh, good donuts. Very good. Blows KK out of the water.

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