NHL Season Ends Today

I love John Kerry. I love Howard Dean. Hillary’s large ankles excite me.

I am so confidant that no one will read this about the NHL that I can get away with writing something like that. Today, the NHL will certainly announce the end of the season. No Stanley Cup given this year. All over a salary cap, something the 3 other major sports have. The NHL has no national television package, which is necessary for operating expenses. The owners cannot afford to pay players the amounts of money they have been and still make money. The owners do not own these clubs to lose money. They aren’t liberals, after all. Without TV revenues, cannot continue to pay them the money the players want and still stay solvent. Running an NHL franchise is not an inexpensive proposition, and the only way to make up the revenues is through ticket prices. Which means less people attend games. Which means less revenue.

One possible scenario is, after the lockout has been in place for one year, the NHL will be able to put into place whatever system they want. The players would have the choice of either coming back under that system, which will include a salary cap, or being declared "on strike." If declared on strike, then the NHL will be able to use replacement players. This will not give us the level of play we had, especially at the goaltender level. It will also decimate the minor leagues. But, hey, there are some great players down there, and this might give the Rangers a shot at the playoffs. Or not. Plus, there might not be as many teams when play restarts.

Some NHLer’s will cross the picket line, particularly those whose salaries are in the lower end of the spectrum. Some won’t. The difficult part will be to bring the fans back. Even a die hard hockey fan like myself will take some convincing.  I will watch it on tv. But, they better have some good incentives to get the Direct TV NHL package and go to the games live. Acting like nothing has happened and having the same old prices will lose my loyalty. And money.

BTW, the whole first paragraph was a joke. Just need to be crystal clear on that one.

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7 Responses to “NHL Season Ends Today”

  1. the Pirate says:

    A Joke?!

    So you didn’t want the Babs Boxer thong?

  2. Ogre says:

    And what a season it was! How exciting!

    I’m not a huge fan, but I do like to watch some games. I’m not a DirectTV package subscriber, but in the past I’ve considered it.

    After a year, I think most current players will play under the new system. By that time, their wallets will start feeling the pinch. Much like baseball, it will take time to bring the fans back — problem is, the NHL didn’t have as many fans as MLB to being with. It will be a long, hard road back. The NHL may cease to exist and another league may start up.

  3. The players are killing themselves on this one. Those who make the big bucks may not be back, the superstars, but, others will be there to take their place. As long as my Devils and Marty Brodeur are back, I will be happy.

  4. I want the hurricanes out of my basketball arena. They’ve put a hex on the Wolfpack.

  5. Aren’t the seats in the RBC the wrong red? I love having the Canes here, that way I can see my Devil’s play 2-3 times a year. Not easy for a day hop up to NJ. Surprisingly, aas die hard a hockey fan I am, I just don’t miss it that much.

  6. Nixon1971 says:

    I found it hilarious today that over 70% of respondents to a poll INSIDE an article about the end of the season (which means those who took the poll would have had to have expressed enough interest to read the story) answered “I Don’t Care” as opposed to ‘Yes’ or “No” to the question “Do you think the NHL will play next year?”

  7. ikw3804 says:

    You know there are only two thing I consider more stupid than the NHL players right now.
    Teddi Kennedy and the Democratic Underground.
    Loosing millions in salaries is absolulty dumber than dumb.
    They need to go get a real job flipping burgers for living and come back to earth….

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