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This sucks: Lunar Eclipse Expected Tonight. It’s cloudy in NC. Hope y’all have better luck.

This doesn’t suck: Arafat’s Health Worsens. It is difficult to say that I wish a human being bad news, but, with Arafat’s death, perhaps his billions tht are socked away could end up taking the Palestinians out of their squalid conditions, and remove one of the major impediments to some sort of, if not peace, at least a lasting truce between them and the Israeli’s.

I am not sure if this sucks or not. On one hand, I do not see what the real big deal is, if she wasn’t denigrating Delta. On the other hand, blogging about one’s work can be dangerous. You never know if you will go to far. You decide yourself. In deciding, forget that she is a Kerry supporter, if that is possible 😉

And more: please pop over to Curiouser and Curiouser for a wonderful article on John Kerry, that puts Kerry’s experience in a way that even  a Demorat can understand.

Update: NC B52 K43

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