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Anyone out there familiar with Italian? The Guardian post (cannot call it a story, as all I did was post the entire original story), made it into an Italian paper (blog?) Have tried a few translation programs, and I just am not getting real good answers.

Il Guardian, giornale senza dubbio umoristico, ha ritirato dal suo sito il commento di un suo collaboratore che invitava a uccidere Bush. E lo ha sostituito con queste scuse sia del giornale sia del cretino (umorismo!, eh) che le ha scritte:

The Guardian, newspaper without umoristico doubt, has withdrawn from its situated comment of a its collaborator who invited to kill Bush. And it has replaced it with these excuses is of the newspaper is of cretino (the humour!, eh) that it has written to them:

Qui il testo “umoristico” conservato da un blogger americano.

Here the text “umoristico” conserved from blogger an American.

Ecco come si chiude, invocando gli assassini di presidenti americani (“dove siete ora che abbiamo bisogno di voi?”), uno dei commenti di sabato pubblicati dal giornale londinese della sinistra radical chic:

Here as it is closed, invocando the murders of presidents Americans (“dove you are hour who we have need of voi?”), one of the saturday comments publishes to you from the left London newspaper of radical the chic ones:

Anybody? I have thise really great learn to speak Italian software, but it will not run on Windows XP. Bummer.

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