Iraq War: Yea or Nay?

Reader Sara has been tasked with writing a paper on the Iraq War, and is looking for reason why it was the right thing to do.

Alright, my experience concept of wether the War in Iraq is justified is one that is limited, and although I do care, a tend to be straddling the fence on the issue. I am in desperate need of some pro-war advocates to write a paper for my philosophy class giving both sides of the issue. The only problem is that I have not found compelling enough arguments to really get me going on a pro-war veiw, and I would appricate it if someone could possibly convince me that this War in Iraq was above all other things unavoidable and necessary for the sake of human kind.

Well, Sara, I can’t write the paper for you, but, I can point you to some good material that should give you some convincing arguments. I will start with here, here, here, here, and here.

Time permitting through the day, I will try and find other articles, and link them here.

I can really only speak for myself in saying that I have no problem with being quoted, and I would think that the others wouldn’t either. One thing to consider, if anyone counters with, they are only bloggers in pajamas, go to The Truth Laid Bear, and take a look at the daily traffic for many of the bloggers. Captain Ed averages over 30K a day. Me, I am a small fry, only started blogging in late July.

There are certainly many rationales for not going to war. Being on the pro war side, I cannot see that any of them outweigh the long term consequences of a free Iraq.

Gotta run, more later!

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