So terrorists ARE streaming into Iraq

Terrorists, oh, excuse me, insurgents, are just coming to Iraq from everywhere:

A French citizen has been identified among insurgents killed by US forces in Iraq, a French newspaper reports.

The 19-year-old, named as Redouane, is said to have died in a US air raid on Falluja on 17 July, says Le Figaro.

He is the first French national known to have died fighting against the US-led coalition.

Tunisian-born Redouane, who belonged to an Islamic group in France, is thought to have travelled to Iraq from his home in Paris via Syria earlier this year.

His brother is also in custody in Syria.

Redouane is a terrorist, not an insurgent. Period. He is not an Iraqi citizen. He came to Iraq from France, and, if he is fighting with anti Coalition/Iraq people, he is a terrorist. Period. I do not understand this language by the BBC and others, where they do not call a terrorist a terrorist.

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One Response to “So terrorists ARE streaming into Iraq”

  1. Ogre says:

    Terrorist is derogatory. These news outlets HONESTLY like these people. Seriously.

    But vote for John Kerry, and he will ask them nicely to stop killing one another, and they all will.

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