Match Making

Y’all should try taking the Presidential Match. And get any of those undecideds to take it. And get any Kerry supporters, er, anybody but Bush supporters, to take it. See who is the candidate for everybody. (hat tip Crush Kerry)

I ended up 70% Bush, 29% Kerry. Amazing how it is mostly unbiased, when it is linked to AOL and Time.

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2 Responses to “Match Making”

  1. Ogre says:

    I’m shocked. I scored 89% Bush and 15% Kerry. I want to take it again when they add the other presidential candidates.

  2. yeah, they should add the other 2, give a better comparison. I am actually finding that the average is about 20-30% kerry, about 65-78% Bush, from pro-Bush folks. Once I get a pretty good sampling, I am going to add on to it. Not getting alot of responses from lefties, and some of them aren’t very realistic. They tend to say 90K 10B.

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