Gotta Admire the Dedication

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (AP) — A man on trial for taking a kindergartner hostage leaped up in court Wednesday and slashed his public defender with a razor blade.

Barbette Williams, 48, of New Orleans was booked with attempted second-degree murder for injuring lawyer Bert Garraway.

There’s a good idea, even if Garraway is a Public Defender.

“I’ve contended all along that this guy is nuts, and to be honest, this pretty much confirms it,” Garraway said late Wednesday. “… what kind of rational person would attack his own lawyer?”

Williams has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity on the charges he kidnapped and tried to murder 6-year-old Ben Smith IV, who was taken from his class in March 2003. He is also accused of shooting at officers, barricading himself in a house, and using the boy as a shield during a 12-hour standoff that ended with the child’s release.

I agree. Anyone who attempts to kidnap and kill a child is nuts. Introduce him to Old Sparky, or whatever is used in Louisiana.

Garraway said he planned to ask for a mistrial when court resumed Thursday; despite the attack, prosecutor Aaron Brooks said he will fight such a motion


Like I said, gotta admire Garraway’s dedication. Not his continued representation of a wacko, though.

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One Response to “Gotta Admire the Dedication”

  1. Ogre says:

    Oh. You mean attacking lawyers is a crime? It couldn’t have been out of season, lawyer season is open 364 days here. Maybe the fellow didn’t pay his 12 cents for his laywer license.

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