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Hawaii Governor Signs A Bunch Of Climate Crisis (scam) Bills

Weirdly, none of the bills block the use of fossil fuels which bring tourists and goods to Hawaii Governor signs new bills aimed at protecting agriculture, combatting climate change Gov. Josh Green signed several new bills into law on Wednesday in an effort to protect the local agricultural systems and work to combat the detrimental […]

If All You See…

…is a field that would be perfect for solar panels and wind turbines, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Geller Report, with a post on everything burned in France.

Unilever Stocks Falls On Calls To Boycott Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

It’s really nothing unusual for Ben & Jerry’s to put out some sort of massively loony and/or left statement. They’ve very much been on the anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian bandwagon to the point of being anti-Jew for quite some time, and went all in on the BLM scam (and riots) Ben & Jerry’s Owner’s Stock Falls After Boycott […]

El Nino Plus ‘Climate Change’, But, Mostly El Nino, Means Record Breaking Heat

Again, remember that the record they’re talking about only goes back to 1979, and fails to mention the extreme heat in the 1930’s, nor what may have happened during previous Holocene warm periods El Niño plus climate change means record-breaking heat It is very hot in a lot of places right now. It’s over 100 […]

Biden Regime Appeals Court Ruling Blocking Them From Censoring People On Social Media

Yet, Democrats call Republicans Fascist (Daily Caller) The Biden administration appealed a preliminary injunction Wednesday issued to prevent federal officials from communicating with social media platforms to censor content containing protected speech. Western District of Louisiana Judge Terry A. Doughty issued the injunction Tuesday after finding plaintiffs in the free speech lawsuit Missouri v. Biden, […]

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