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Climate Cult Continues Worrying About African And Indian Babies Being Born

This is not something that is new: the climate cultists have long been concerned over people in third world nations, especially blacks, having babies Climate Alarmists Fret over Too Many African, Indian Babies on ‘World Population Day’ The United Nations marked World Population Day on Tuesday, publishing a forecast that the Earth’s population will hit […]

If All You See…

…is a wild space that would be perfect for wind turbines, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Chicks On The Right, with a post wondering why the media is trying to tear down The Sound Of Freedom.

Shameful And Cruel: NYC Stops Giving Illegals Free Bus Rides To Welcome Center

This is truly horrible. They have to walk a whole mile from the Port Authority! NYC halts free migrant bus service from Port Authority due to low staffing, high costs New York City has quietly halted the free bus service for migrants arriving at the Port Authority Terminal in Manhattan, forcing them to instead trek […]

Climate Crisis (scam) Is Also Impacting Our Brains

It’s always something doomy with these people, and the problem with constantly pitching prognostications of doom is that one always has to ramp up the doom. Where does it end? Climate change isn’t just impacting our environment. It’s also impacting our brains Climate change isn’t just impacting physical health, but new research shows it’s also […]

Brandon Admin Looks To Cap Child Care Costs

What could possibly go wrong with this plan? Well, since most media outlets are in the tank for Democrats, they fail to ask or consider the ramifications Biden administration plans to cap how much families pay for child care through a government program Vice President Kamala Harris said Tuesday that the government plans to put […]

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