Shameful And Cruel: NYC Stops Giving Illegals Free Bus Rides To Welcome Center

This is truly horrible. They have to walk a whole mile from the Port Authority!

NYC halts free migrant bus service from Port Authority due to low staffing, high costs

New York City has quietly halted the free bus service for migrants arriving at the Port Authority Terminal in Manhattan, forcing them to instead trek nearly a mile to the welcome center crosstown, The Post has confirmed.

Asylum advocates on the ground told The Post that the city moved to halt migrant transport services to the Roosevelt Hotel migrant welcome center over the Fourth of July holiday.

Instead of a bus ride, members of the National Guard are tasked with handing out fliers that show the newcomers how to walk across Midtown Manhattan — even if the migrants arrive in the middle of the night.

Seriously, these illegal alien invaders walked thousands of miles and people are concerned they cannot walk a mile?

(Gothamist) But the change by the city means many migrants arriving in New York by bus must now walk three blocks north and four avenues east across a densely-populated island they’ve never visited before.

How rude of NYC to do this!

“These families and individuals, many of them with disabilities and many with very young children, have already experienced trauma at home and on their long journeys here,” said Joshua Goldfein, a staff attorney with the Legal Aid Society. “Forcing them to walk almost a mile to shelter intake facilities in the sweltering heat is shameful and cruel.”

Right, right, because NYC residents never do this. And it’s very cool with low humidity when walking from South America to the US southern border, right? Back to the first story

“With hundreds of asylum seekers continuing to arrive daily (not just through the PABT), we need the limited number of MTA buses that have been provided by the state to transport asylum seekers from the Arrival Center to their placements,” a City Hall spokesperson said.

In other words, to ship them out of NYC to areas that are not declared sanctuary cities. Back to the Gothamist story

The decision to cut off the bus services outraged Power Malu, who runs a nonprofit group that has been providing transport, food and services for migrants.

“They planned on having mothers with tiny babies walking in the middle of the night during Fourth of July,” Malu said.

Malu said he arranged for Uber and Lyft drivers to take the migrants to the hotel and alerted the night of the holiday.

Looks like that non-profit can spend their own money on this. If New Yorkers are so supportive of illegals, they can donate their own money.


(Boston Herald) The Healey administration has released a list of the 28 cities and towns where it is spending millions on hotels and motels for thousands of handout-demanding illegals arriving from the Third World.

Oddly, however, almost all the ultra-affluent suburban communities most loudly committed to celebrating diversity have thus far been unable to provide suitable free housing for the new non-working classes.

The illegals are not being sent to, among other millionaire destinations, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Chatham, Swampscott, Newburyport, Wellesley, Dover, Sherborn, Amherst….

Do you begin to get the picture?

These melanin-impaired preserves of the Beautiful People all have Hate Has No Home Here signs festooned on every lawn. Yet oddly they somehow remain unaffected by the Democrats’ ongoing “fundamental transformation” of America into a Third World flophouse.

Funny how the illegal alien supporting town of Boston is not keeping them, and not shipping them to other illegal alien supporting towns.

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One Response to “Shameful And Cruel: NYC Stops Giving Illegals Free Bus Rides To Welcome Center”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    So, NYC no longer has a million taxis, 2 million Uber/lyft drivers, thousands of municipal busses and a freaking subway? Looks like they really need all those unskilled laborers after all. There are even hundreds of busses belonging to various churches who take money from the US federal government to “work with ” immigrants.

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