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China Will “Work” With Biden Admin On Climate Issues If Certain Political Conditions Are Met

John Kerry took a long, fossil fueled private flight over to China to kowtow to the Communist country and pretty much offered to do as the Chinese leaders say, all while China will continue to ignore Doing Anything about ‘climate change’. Kerry and Biden are getting rolled, much like the GOP does when they agree […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fueled water vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Right Scoop, with a post on mental illness in the Health And Human Services department.

Huhwhat? Brandon Regime To Send Doug Emhoff To Visit Samoa

I’m sure we’ve all missed times when the spouse of the vice president was sent solo to an important nation to forge ties or strengthen ties, right? Because I cannot remember a time when this has happened. This person is not an official. They are not elected and not appointed, and are not there to […]

Huh: 9th Circuit Shuts Down Bid To Block Lithium Mine

Eco-wackos/Warmists: we totally want all sorts of green energy and electric vehicles Manufacturers/government: we need to mine lots of precious metals and such like lithium Eco-wackos/Warmists: nope, we cannot allow that, we’ll sue 9th Circuit denies bid by environmentalists and tribes to block Nevada lithium mine The latest bid by conservationists and tribal leaders to […]

Bummer: Bud Light Posts Dismal 4th Of July Numbers

Self inflicted wounds followed by stabbing yourself a few times then playing with broken glass are fun, eh? Bud Light Suffers Another Loss as July 4 Sales Drop As the boycott against Bud Light continues, new data shows the beer brand suffering yet another loss with a decline in sales over the Fourth of July […]

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