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Psychology Needed To Combat ‘Climate Change’ And Capitalism Or Something

I’ve been reliably told by Warmists that this is all about science, and has absolutely nothing to do with politics Critical Psychology Needed to Combat Capitalism and Climate Change In our current era of intensifying climate change, the fields of psychology and climate justice may seem an unlikely pairing. However, a new article in the Review […]

If All You See…

…is wine which will soon be destroyed by ‘climate change’, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Common Cents Blog, with a post on Kamala Harris being the Bud Light of Veeps.

Cost Of Illegal Aliens In NYC? $1.4 Billion

People always wonder what the exact monetary number is to deal with all the illegals/migrants crossing the border. NYC puts it in the budget NYC Mayor Adams touts $107B budget deal: $1.4B to pay for migrant crisis New York City officials touted a $107 billion budget agreement even as it faced a $1.4 billion hole for […]

Your Fault: Remaining Calm About Climate Crisis (scam) Will Doom Us All

There have been some climate cultists who have stated that all the fearmongering needs to stop, since it really doesn’t help. Other than those heavily into the climate cult, does it bring anyone into the cult? Does it sway them? Motivate them? Or do the base level Warmists and non-Warmists think these people are as […]

What Does SCOTUS Decision On Affirmative Action Mean For Workplaces?

Boy howdy, the USA Today was ready to start spreading the subject out toot sweet Supreme Court just reversed affirmative action. What that means for workplace diversity. For years, Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, has crusaded for stakeholder capitalism, the idea that business leaders should value the well-being of people and the planet along with the interests of […]

If All You See…

…is The blog of the day is Cold Fury, with a post stating to know thine enemy. Whoops, forgot to hit post earlier. My bad

Buried: 60% Of Americans Are Against (Forced) Phasing Out Fossil Fueled Vehicles

Pew Research and Warmists are super excited about some of the results of this poll Majorities of Americans Prioritize Renewable Energy, Back Steps to Address Climate Change A new Pew Research Center survey finds large shares of Americans support the United States taking steps to address global climate change and back an energy landscape that […]

GOP Oversight Committee Gives Brandon Two Weeks To Say How Many Illegals He’s Freed

The problem with any demand for information is there needs to be a threat as to what happens if the information is not provided. Penalties, punishments House Oversight Republicans Give Biden Two Weeks to Disclose How Many Illegal Aliens DHS Has Freed into U.S. Republicans on the House Oversight Committee, led by Reps. Glenn Grothman […]

Surprise: Heavier EVs Will Damage Roads Twice As Much As Gas Vehicles

Obviously, the Warmist solution is for Other People to be restricted from driving any privately owned vehicle Pothole damage from electric cars is double that of petrol, Telegraph data show Electric cars damage roads twice as much as their petrol equivalents, analysis has shown, as the pothole crisis grows on Britain’s roads. Analysis by The […]

Bud Light Hits Point Of Giving Away Free Beer

Maybe stop calling attention to the problem? Bud Light offers $15 beer rebates for Fourth of July weekend amid boycott, declining sales As the Fourth of July weekend rolls in, Bud Light is offering a rebate of up to $15 on purchases of a 15-pack of Budweiser, Bud Light, Budweiser Select or Budweiser Select 55. And in […]

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