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Climate Change Today: Banks And Ketchup

Say, what’s the carbon footprint of ketchup companies, say, the one owned by John Kerry’s wife? Climate Change Is Threatening Ketchup. AI Could Help Save It Hold on to your Heinz. The latest looming food shortage is likely to include ketchup, coming hard on the heels of last year’s potato chip crisis and runs on mustard (in France, at least). […]

If All You See…

…are mountains that lost all their glaciers due to ‘climate change’, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is IOTW Report, with a post on a large group of teens attacking a couple of Marines.

Bidenconomy Forcing Many Older Americans To Unretire

I wonder how many of the older folks who are getting crushed by inflation and going back to work will again vote Democrat and Biden, the ones who made COVID-induced inflation worse and are doing little to slow it? Reckless spending and inflation are forcing many Americans to ‘unretire’ Older Americans are increasingly ‘unretiring’ to […]

Walking The Talk: King Charles Turns Down Pool Temperature For The Hired Help

It’s just a little thing, but, this is what the Elites in the climate cult do: force others to live climate cult life King Charles Fights Climate Change by Freezing His Servants If you haven’t heard, Great Britain’s newly-anointed monarch, King Charles III, is a committed environmentalist — so committed, in fact, that he’s sacrificing […]

Crazytown: Women Marrying Themselves Out Of Self Love

The best part is no one in the media is saying “this is nuts.” Or is it that this isn’t the craziest thing going on in America? CNN: Women Marrying Themselves as ‘Symbolic Expression of Self-Love’ CNN spoke with four women who “married themselves” — a self-marriage officially referred to as “sologamy.” The left-leaning news […]

Surprise: 17 Deaths On Mt. Everest Blamed On ‘Climate Change’

So, how does one climb Mt. Everest? Well, lots and lots of training. Then a long fossil fueled flight to Nepal. Most will take a fossil fueled flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, then start trekking. It requires a lot of goods and products and material support. Maybe Nepal should just ban people from climbing their […]

If All You See…

…is a damp looking day from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Geller Report, with a post on how much money Woke companies are losing.

Florida Furry Convention Goes 18+ Due To Law About Exposing Children

Hmm, seems like others have learned that it’s not a good idea to expose children to adult performances. Of course, we haven’t really heard about furries grooming kids, though, there have been some cases where young wackos think they’re animals (Fox News) An upcoming “furry” convention in Florida will restrict its attendees to adults over […]

Fixit Culture Is Now Linked To Climate Crisis (scam)

Now, there are some points here. Things like the right to repair, and not disposing of so many products which end up in landfills, which is an environmental issue. But, the climate cult likes to link everything to their cult Fixit culture is on the rise, but repair legislation faces resistance Americans are responsible for […]

Washington Post Is Gobsmacked That Red States Are Doing Much Better On Job Creation

It couldn’t possibly be that Blue states are very anti-business and create lots of impediments to companies employing people? That Blue state businesses are taking their jobs and moving to Red states? (you can see all the charts at the direct WP link) Why are red states hiring so much faster than blue states? We […]

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