Climate Change Today: Banks And Ketchup

Say, what’s the carbon footprint of ketchup companies, say, the one owned by John Kerry’s wife?

Climate Change Is Threatening Ketchup. AI Could Help Save It

Hold on to your Heinz. The latest looming food shortage is likely to include ketchup, coming hard on the heels of last year’s potato chip crisis and runs on mustard (in France, at least). Three summers’ worth of unprecedented high heat in the world’s key tomato-producing regions—Australia, Spain, and California’s central valley—have led to a precipitous decline in tomato paste stocks, the key ingredient for ketchup and other condiments. California, which produces a quarter of the world’s tomatoes, and 95% of the tomatoes used in U.S. canned goods, delivered nearly 5% less than the expected crop in 2021, and 10% less in 2022 due to the ongoing drought, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Record-setting precipitation earlier this year helped with drought conditions, but it also flooded fields, forcing farmers to postpone planting, which could lead to reduced yields this year as well.

It’s always some sort of doom with these people, and always your fault. You have to go to the 7th paragraph (and most are long ones) before AI comes into play

Alvarez’s version of assisted evolution relies on a simpler strategy. Instead of using genetic modification, which targets specific genes, his team uses machine learning models to seek out desirable traits—like drought or heat tolerance—in both cultivated plants and their wild cousins. Then an AI-enabled recommendation system suggests which crossbreeds might produce the best results for taste, ease of production, and resilience.

So, the climate cult is trying to pull AI into their cult.

Activists are looking to banking regulations to combat climate change

Historically the federal government has done very little to push banks to address climate risk in the financial system. The last major wave of environmental legislation passed in the 1960s and 1970s, when banks were nowhere near as big as they are now. Back then, the primary targets of anti-pollution laws were corporations that were actively generating emissions or had dumped toxic waste that needed to be cleaned up. This made sense, given that manufacturing and chemical firms were still at the top of the Fortune 500 list in 1977, while financial firms were not. Banks simply did not receive the same scrutiny as firms in the industrial sector.

Changes in the banking sector over the past half-century have produced dramatic consolidation, making a handful of big banks outsize financial engines in the fossil fuel industry. So long as these large banks and financial firms continue funding major fossil fuel development, environmental activists argue, addressing climate change will be impossible. And policymakers are now beginning to heed their calls.

Funny how it always seems to come down to Warmists pushing government to apply force, eh?

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4 Responses to “Climate Change Today: Banks And Ketchup”

  1. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Politicians, particularly of the democommie persuasion can not solve homelessness, un employment, race relations, obesity, hunger, crime, low education standards etc, etc. However if you give them more money in the form of taxes they will physically change the weather
    It is beyond madness. It’s leftist logic.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      A society is in decay, final or transitional, when common sense really becomes uncommon.

      Gilbert K. Chesterton

      • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

        drowningpuppies people like us realize the decay and corruption currently running our republic. Others here don’t and not only that they deny it exists. They claim there’s no proof of election stealing but when shown evidence avert their eyes like cowards present at a rape. After the courts play their little games so not to render opinions on the corruption the leftists in unison cry “see, no one gets indicted so no corruption exists”. If they refuse to look at the truth (even when it hurts) it’s bad enough but when they also call half of America extremists and insurrectionists and refuse to listen they are asking people to attack. Then they will call these people traitors and try to kill them.

        Right now James Comey is pitching his “book” when he should be in prison. If he were a MAGA guy he would be.

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