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LA Times Is Very Upset Over Dumping Bolt For SUV EVs

Interestingly, the LA Times editorial board fails to mention if they have replaced their own fossil fueled vehicles with EVs. Also, a pretty big admission Editorial: Replacing the Chevy Bolt with electric SUVs would be a climate tragedy Can we pour one out for the Chevy Bolt? When the small electric hatchback came onto the […]

If All You See…

…are tropical trees that will soon grow wild in the Arctic, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is American Greatness, with a post on Sotomayor taking $3 million from a book publisher and not recusing herself.

Companies Are Fighting Back Against The War On Woke Or Something

The question rarely asked is “why the need to go Woke?” Why not simply just sell your product/services? It’s Not Just Bud Light. How Companies Are Fighting Back Against the War Over ‘Woke.’ A Bud Light is no longer just something you grab when you feel like a beer. A conservative outcry over Bud’s marketing […]

House Oversight Committee Would Like To Know About High Flying John Kerry’s Travel

But, see, Kerry is Spreading Awareness, so, he apparently gets a full pass for his climahypocrisy Climate Envoy John Kerry’s Jet-Set Spending Is Getting Plenty of Cloud Cover John Kerry leads an international jet-set life that might exhaust a runway model. If President Biden’s special envoy for climate was not in Washington or relaxing at […]

Whistleblower Says Biden Took Bribe While Vice President

Is this something? Is this something that will go somewhere, or, will the Congressional Republicans go wimpy like usual? Obviously, most of the big U.S. media, like the NY Times, Washington Post, ABC News, et al, are either not covering this or putting it way down the page Whistleblower accuses Joe Biden of taking bribe […]

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