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My Netflix Thoughts

I recently changed my T-Mobile plan, which gets Netflix free. I was excited, because it gives me another movie and show outlet, and I love watching movies. It’s the basic plan, which means only 720p, which I can live with. Only one stream at a time, I’m OK with that. No commercials. But, would it […]

Climate (scam) Czar John Kerry Thinks Farm Confiscation Is Fantastic

I linked this from The Lid (who links to The People’s Voice) in the Patriotic Pinup post yesterday, but, wanted to note something on it as well John Kerry targets agriculture as part of climate crusade Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry warned Wednesday that the world can’t tackle climate change without first addressing […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible, Evil, utterly no good for Other People fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bunkerville, with a post on every voter in Nassau County, NY, being listed as a Democrat after a printing “error”.

Who Are The 33% Who Approve Of Biden’s Handling Of The Economy?

Would they be the ones who are profiting immensely from his clusterf*** of an administration? The ones who are simply brain-dead and brain-washed? The ones getting free money and stuff? Biden gets low ratings on economy, guns, immigration in AP-NORC Poll As President Joe Biden embarks on his reelection campaign, just 33% of American adults say they […]

Climate Nuts Pour Black Die In Famous Trevi Fountain

Does this actually help their cause, or make them look like out of control, unhinged wackjobs? Trevi Fountain water turns black in Rome climate protest Seven young activists protesting against climate change climbed into the Trevi Fountain in Rome on Sunday and poured diluted charcoal into the water to turn it black. The protesters from […]

Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle Hits The Southern Border

I simply love the NY Times headline The U.S. Left Them Behind. They Crossed a Jungle to Get Here Anyway. Twasn’t the U.S. which left them behind: it’s was Biden, his administration, and their disastrous withdrawal plan. And the Times and their writers, Julie Turkkewitz and Federico Rios, go to great pains to make it […]

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