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Arnold Really Wants To Change The Name Of ‘Climate Change’

Hasn’t the climate cult already changed it multiple times? This from a guy with a massive carbon footprint. Seriously, how much in the way of fossil fuels was used to make his new Netflix show FUBAR? All the planes, autos, and helicopters? Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants to ‘Rephrase’ Climate Change: ‘No One Gives a S–t About […]

If All You See…

…is the wonderful flag of the United States and remember all the men and women who defend the nation with their lives, you might just be a patriot The blog of the day is Don Surber, with a post on the media protecting Satanists.

Gender Confused In Tennessee Live In Fear From New Law Or Something

Once again, they’re really telling us what they do in their acts: perform in a sexually adult manner, which is entirely inappropriate for children to witness. Minors cannot go to strip clubs, bars, or adult “bookstores”, and, as we kept seeing in video, the trans performers were no different Tennessee Law Sows Fear Among Drag […]

Scientists Finding 5,000 Sea Species Is A Bad Sign

How could it be bad? Leaving it to the Washington Post (free at Yahoo) Scientists detected 5,000 sea creatures nobody knew existed. It’s a warning. There are bright, gummy creatures that look like partially peeled bananas. Glassy, translucent sponges that cling to the seabed like chandeliers flipped upside down. Phantasmic octopuses named, appropriately, after Casper […]

NY Times Says Drivers Will Catch A Break This Memorial Day Weekend Or Something

The Times wants you down on your knees thanking Biden and the Democrats (available at Yahoo without paywall) Gasoline Prices, a Source of Pain Last Year, Have Come Way Down Americans who fill up their cars this Memorial Day weekend will catch a break — at least compared with a year ago, when gasoline prices […]

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