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Rhode Island Looks To Be Fossil Fueled Vehicle Free By 2035

I’m shocked that no one at the Providence Journal bothered to ask the governor, unelected bureaucrats, and others who support this if they themselves are driving EVs State wants to phase out sales of new gas-powered vehicles in RI by 2035. Here’s how they’ll do it. Rhode Island is joining a wave of states that […]

Biden Digs In On Debt Ceiling Fight

This could have been hammered out months ago, but, instead, the Biden regime said they wouldn’t negotiate on something that has long been negotiated Kevin McCarthy: ‘Didn’t See Any New Movement’ on Debt Ceiling Negotiations House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said on Tuesday after he met with President Joe Biden he “did not see any […]

EVs Are, Surprisingly, Turning Into A Nightmare

I’ll mention once again that I’m not against EVs. It would be great if they were ready for primetime, as they do not release all the air pollutants that gas powered ones do, and I’m not referring to carbon dioxide. If you want one, get one. I am 100% against mandates and forcing citizens to […]

Bud Light Boycott Now Hitting Other AB Brands

They have no one to blame but themselves. Do a stupid stunt with a mental nutbag who belongs in a mental hospital, a lunatic who offends women with his mocking of women. Then an advertising head who demeans the core consumers. Then a terrible explanation from AB and their suits Bud Light’s sales drop is […]

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