Rhode Island Looks To Be Fossil Fueled Vehicle Free By 2035

I’m shocked that no one at the Providence Journal bothered to ask the governor, unelected bureaucrats, and others who support this if they themselves are driving EVs

State wants to phase out sales of new gas-powered vehicles in RI by 2035. Here’s how they’ll do it.

Rhode Island is joining a wave of states that are following California’s lead to phase out sales of new gasoline-powered cars by 2035 in a bid to reduce air pollution and combat climate change.

Gov. Dan McKee will announce Wednesday the decision to go forward with the regulations that are the strictest in the nation on mandating sales of electric cars and trucks. It would bring Rhode Island in line with Massachusetts, New York and other states that have already adopted California’s new standard that aims for a full-scale transformation of America’s automotive industry.

It would also boost Rhode Island’s efforts to comply with a landmark state law that requires deep emissions cuts.

“The Act on Climate put us on the clock for meeting major carbon reduction mandates, and it’s clear to me that Rhode Island will only meet the mandates by addressing the transportation sector head-on,” McKee said in a statement.

Well, hey, you Democrats voted for this, suck it up, no complaining.

The move will necessitate big changes for Rhode Island’s auto dealers. In 2022, only 5.2 percent of vehicle sales in the state were electric, up only slightly from the year before. In 2027, the first year Rhode Island would begin enforcing the standard, 43 percent of all new cars and trucks sold in the state would have to be electric or hydrogen-powered models.

Automakers have already begun transitioning to emissions-free vehicles, but supply chain issues across the entire industry have slowed the delivery of new models. If supplies remain tight, it will be the states that require sales of electric cars that will get them first, said Terry Gray, director of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management.

How many dealers will this put out of business, because there just aren’t enough vehicles to sell, and most working class and middle class folks can’t afford them? How will you get from 5.2% to 43% in 4 years, then 100% by 2035? Where does all that metal for the batteries come from? What about the energy to charge them?

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6 Responses to “Rhode Island Looks To Be Fossil Fueled Vehicle Free By 2035”

  1. Greg says:

    How do these laws not afoul of the commerce clause?

    • Professor Hale says:

      Commerce clause is a stick the Federal government uses to beat the states when the states disagree with the Democratic party agenda. That is not the case here.

  2. L'Roy White says:

    Now that biden and the democrats are finally addressing the reparations problem realistically I am hopeful you all can see your way to pay me what you owe. Especially those among you who are democrats since you were the actual slavers and you owe me money. Lots of money. Millions. Tens of millions. For what you did to my ancestors.

    We are being told by the current crop of democrats that we are owed money and now we want it. I don’t care how much it costs you white mf’s we want our money. This summer promises to be a big riot year. We’re gonna start raiuding the white areas, the white stores, the white malls, and burning the white owned businesses and the white people’s houses. We want our money!

  3. MrLiberty says:

    Well, thankfully it’s a small state. They can all walk.

  4. Joe says:

    It’s only early May here in Californistan and I just heard the first ad by the power company ( PG&E) looking for people to sign on for Flex Alert power shutoffs. Yay! I guess all the electro car owners can hitch a ride on a carbon based transport system this Summer when the power is shut down due to overloading.

  5. Matthew says:

    If this sort of impossible dream could be accomplished by fiat, why not pass a law that decrees that the current energy sources clean? They are by comparison anyway. That would make as much sense, be just as relevant and have a better chance of happening.

    Pretending that we’re on the right track with the current “green technology” is absolutely psychotic, and it’s not helping the citizenry, the consumer or the planet in the least. These “actions” by the RI government, as usual, seek to create a cure that’s way worse than the disease, while getting us nowhere. Most of the globalists pushing this agenda are fully aware that it’s an environmental disaster and a waste of time, effort and money. The rest, like Dan and his ilk, are simply delusional, but they’re all just giddy about the process and agree that it’s nice to line their pockets while gaining social equity within their leftist circles. Most of it is really intended to numb us to the never-ending shit train of .gov overreach that’s happening all around us.

    Every time we’re told by our betters in authority that they have devised some wonderful new green ordinance, it just costs us more and makes everything just a little dirtier while they get richer.

    So, Dan, try not to throw your shoulder out while you’re “slashing” emissions because you will of course need it in good working order to properly pat yourself on the back. While your citizens pay more and get less. Get out your checkbooks RI, but hey, you can still tweet yourselves a little dopamine rush while your overlords are ruining your lives and gutting your economy!

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