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EU Looks To Block The Sun Or Something

What could possibly go wrong, and how much will it cost, and then how much will it cost to fix what they tried to fix? European Union to look into blocking sun’s rays to combat climate change: Report The¬†European Union¬†is set to look into blocking rays from the sun as a possible option to combat […]

If All You See…

…is lovely tea which will soon be destroyed by ‘climate change’, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is bluebird of bitterness, with a post on a ring toss.

Bidenconomy: 52% Say America Is Too Expensive To Live In

Wildly, there is not one mention of Biden policies making things worse, nor any mention of the Democrat/Biden legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act, which doesn’t Is the US getting too expensive to live in? Many Americans worry about economy, inflation As Americans look ahead to another Independence Day and a likely contentious 2024 presidential […]

Miami To Spend $8 Million To Indoctrinate Residents Into Climate Cult

This is what you get after 30+ years of spreading awareness, and it’s not like Miami isn’t a Democrat voting city already which is chock full of Warmists already. I guess they need to brainwash more into allowing government to take more of their money and freedom Knight puts $8 million into push to make […]

Good News: More Migrants Housed In NYC Than Homeless

Imagine what could be done if cities and states didn’t have to spend so much money dealing with illegal aliens. Of course, New Yorkers should be happy to have all this money and space diverted, since they support illegal immigration, right? NYC housing more asylum seekers than homeless NYers in migrant crisis first A new […]

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