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NJ Schools Start Their Climate (scam) Indoctrination Early

It’s a full day in Leftist run schools. They have to learn about LGBT stuff (especially trans), anal and oral sex, BLM, how white people are evil, and ‘climate change’. No wonder test scores are so bad for math, reading, and history, among others. No time to teach it! In a First-Grade Classroom, Lessons on […]

If All You See…

…is a field perfect for solar panels and wind turbines, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on why Western feminists are silent on Iran.

Crazy Today: Teacher Calls Kid Who Won’t Endorse Belief That Classmate Is A Cat “Despicable”

Don’t leftists keep telling us that they are, in fact, the adults in the room? That they’re so much smarter than everyone else? Shouldn’t teachers be a little more grounded in reality? How many times have you seen teachers indulging and extolling, even pushing, crazy for their students? Pupil who questioned classmate ‘identifying as a […]

Brandon To Fly To San Francisco To Announce $600 Million In Climate Scam Funding

Nothing says “We Need To Do Something About Climate Change” like a fossil fueled helicopter to the airport, taking a FF jumbo jet across the country, with a backup jet and fighter jets following, then a massive FF vehicle convoy, right? Will he be flying directly from Delaware, since he took a fossil fueled trip […]

NY Times Is Shocked That Defund The Police Failed

They just don’t fully seem to get that most citizens may not like the police when they get pulled over, almost always for something that was their own fault, but, like the notion of being able to call the police when something bad happens to them. They do not want fewer police, and do not […]

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