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Good News: Those Ebikes Warmists Want Everyone (Else) To Ride Are A “Deadly Crisis” From Fires

Warmists have been super-hyped on getting Everyone Else to ride Ebikes in big cities (and not so big cities). They have all sorts of deals going with companies to rent them and sell them in places like NYC. How’s that going? How E-Bike Battery Fires Became a Deadly Crisis in New York City His girlfriend […]

If All You See…

…is ‘climate change’ messing with Fall foliage timing, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Right Scoop, with a post when DOJ set the date for Trump’s trial.

Happy St. Greta Doom Day

It’s 11:18am, folks Enjoy your final minutes, because, according to Greta Thunberg & her "top climate scientist" humanity will be "wiped out" at 11.18am today, because we didn't stop using fossil fuels five years ago… ???????? pic.twitter.com/myVCLspQnr — Martin Daubney ???????? (@MartinDaubney) June 21, 2023

Mayor Of Sanctuary City Chicago Realizes Illegal Aliens Are Expensive

Who would have thought that taking care of a bunch of illegals would be so costly? But, then, the Democratic Party run city is all in on illegals, so, they should welcome having to pay for their everything, including rent, out of their own money, right? Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Wants $25M to Pay Rent […]

Lawyer Makes Social Statement In Closing Argument In Youts Climate Case In Montana

The question now is “will the judge buy into the scam?” Young plaintiffs’ attorney closes Montana climate change trial with call for action An attorney for 16 young plaintiffs urged a judge Tuesday to strike down as unconstitutional a Montana law that prohibits state agencies from considering the environmental effects when it weighs permits allowing […]

NC Senate Passes Bill Restricting Gender Confused Males From Playing Women’s Sports

This has made the unhinged Democrats very upset, but, even if Governor Cooper vetoes it (he will) the veto will be over-ridden NC Senate votes to ban trans girls from playing on school sports teams aligning with gender identity Transgender rights took center stage Tuesday in North Carolina as the GOP-controlled General Assembly advanced legislation […]

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