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Electricians Are Now Apparently Climate Workers

Everything will now be a climate cult job Need a job? Hiring to flourish in these fields as humans fight climate change. Climate change is reshaping the employment landscape, whether you want a career that helps the planet or just want a job in a growing field. Environmental and sustainability studies are booming in colleges, […]

If All You See…

…is horrible heat snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Greenie Watch, with a post on the “warming” in Antarctica.

UK Guardian Claims Never-Trumpers Get Brutal Wakeup Call

The Never Trumpers are odd birds. They claim to be Conservative stalwarts, that they believe in the standings of Ronald Reagan, that they are the True Conservatives, yet, they’re enabling the election of Democrats, many are mouthing Democrat policies and slogans, and are truly unhinged in Democrat fashion over Trump and those who support him, […]

The Earth Is Scream At Us Or Something

This is per Climate cult member Jay Inslee, who couldn’t even get his own climate cult agenda through in his own state which votes overwhelmingly liberal Washington’s governor on climate: ‘The Earth is screaming at us’ Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said Sunday that this summer’s record-setting heat is proof that climate change is harming the […]

We’re At The Point In The 2024 Campaign That “Mama Bears” Are Now Extremists

This is a fantastic way to earn their votes, Democrats. Slurring them totally won’t make them vote Republican, right? ‘Mama bears’ may be the 2024 race’s soccer moms. But where the GOP seeks votes, some see extremism In many election cycles, there’s a snappy shorthand used to describe the type of voters who may help […]

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