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BBC Is Very Concerned That Texas Will Become Too Hot For Humans

No, no, this is not scaremongering at all Will Texas become too hot for humans? Texas is in the grip of a relentless heatwave – but how much hotter could summers get in years to come? It’s 9.15 pm in San Antonio on 17 June. At this time, young children would usually be asleep and […]

If All You See…

…are horrible fatty chips making people fat which is bad for ‘climate change’, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Da Techguy’s Blog, with a post on a silver lining Democrats won’t like from the SCOTUS election decision.

Brandon Regime Trots Out Plan B For Student Loan Relief

It’s not forgiveness: it’s relief, since it only did away with $10K for most and $20K for Pell Grants, leaving people who took out loans they wouldn’t be able to easily repay based on their degrees with lots of debt (Fox News) In the opinion, Roberts cited then-Speaker Pelosi’s words saying the president did not […]

UN Praises China On ‘Climate Change’ Investment

No mention on all those human rights abuses in China, or that they use what is essentially slave labor, and child labor, to build all that green energy stuff UN deputy chief praises China’s investment in tackling climate change, forging ‘new development pathway’ “The challenges are many and they are serious”, Amina Mohammed said, highlighting […]

Michigan Looking To Make It A Felony To Misgender Someone

See, the Rainbow Alphabet cult doesn’t want to force their beliefs on everyone, so I’ve been reliably told Michigan residents could be charged with a felony, face up to five years in prison and get a $10,000 fine for using the wrong pronouns under ‘unconstitutional’ new bill Michigan’s House of Representatives has passed a hate […]

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