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John Kerry Is Upset That China Being A Bad Country Is Getting In The Way Of Solving Climate Apocalypse

All these real world issues are just so inconvenient Kerry: China tensions hurting climate talks U.S. climate envoy John Kerry tells Axios his work with China has stalled amid wider tensions between the world’s two largest greenhouse gas emitters. Driving the news: “Regrettably, in the last year … what was not supposed to happen has […]

If All You See…

…are the colors of a serious carbon polluting nation, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is White House Dossier, with a post on Biden withdrawing his FCC nominee, who was too moonbat for some Democrats to support.

NC Democrats Pimping Gun Laws That Would Not Have Stopped Mass Shooter

Obviously, the local news outlet, WRAL and their reporter Chelsea Donovan, failed to ask any of the Democrats how these laws would have stopped the little wackjob ‘My life forever changed’: Fiancé of Raleigh mass shooting victim advocates for gun safety bills The fiancé of a Raleigh mass shooting victim spoke Tuesday with state Democratic […]

Surprise: Government Inefficiency Slowing Up IRA Spending On Electric Lines

Not only is the Inflation Reduction Act not reducing inflation, it’s being jammed up because government is slow. And, guess which party is represented the most in the federal and state governments? Biden’s climate chief: ‘Delays and bottlenecks’ slowing IRA spending U.S. President Joe Biden’s top climate advisor says the United States needs to build […]

Climahypocrite Senator Whitehouse Looks To Put Climate Crisis (scam) In Budget

Whitehouse has been banging his green drum for quite some time, and, in all that, he’s never mentioned what he’s done in his own life. He still lives in his big house, still drives fossil fueled vehicles, and still flies, including from Rhode Island to D.C. instead of taking the train. And now Same Message, […]

Crime Is So Bad In NYC That Mayor Adams Wants Retailers To Tell Patrons To Take Their Masks Off

NYC mayor Adams was a big supporter of forced masking, and, after that ended, telling people they should wear a mask. You know, those masks which really do nothing, but, if they did make a difference, wearing them inside around others would be where you’d wear one New York mayor says retailers must force shoppers […]

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