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Climate Doom Today: Miami Beach, Smartphones, “Real Solutions”

Warmists are so cute when they trot out feel green projects Miami Beach Takes Action to Combat Climate Change with Innovative Seawall Project In the face of rising sea levels and increasing frequency of extreme weather events, Miami Beach has taken a bold step to protect its residents and infrastructure from the impacts of climate change. The […]

If All You See…

…is a sea that will soon rise dozens of feet, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Last Refuge, with a post on dozens being disappointed that Larry Hogan won’t run for president.

WWIII Watch: Far Left UK Guardian Advocates NATO To Stop Pulling Punches

The UK Guardian was very much against the Iraq war, and wasn’t all that thrilled with the war in Afghanistan. Their UK operations wanted British troops out, and since they focus on the US a lot, wanted US troops out. Particularly since they were infused with Bush Derangement Syndrome. They constantly advocated in favor of […]

Climate Cultists Super Excited To Stop Willow Oil Project With Hashtags

Don’t expect them to actually Do Anything, like traveling to Alaska, since most do not even live their, nor give up their own use of fossil fuels #StopWillow is taking TikTok by storm. Can it actually work? When Elise Joshi posted a TikTok video about the Alaska oil drilling project known as Willow in early February, she didn’t have […]

Debating The Origins Of Wuhan Flu Is Harmful Or Something

I’ve never really understood why the Democrats and the media were so against discussing the origins of COVID, and still are. Regardless of the origin it wouldn’t affect their need to institute authoritarian government, right? Are they that much in the pocket of China, meaning, the Elites are, and they give marching orders to the […]

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