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Bummer: Insect Farming To Help Climate (scam) Might Have An Ethical Blindspot

Via Moonbattery, which notes Our globalist overlords bark that we must eat bugs to stop the climate from fluctuating. However, it has been discovered that eating insects oppresses them. Leftists need to destroy agriculture in the name of the global warming hoax before imposing a ban on eating bugs. For now, only moonbats would eat them anyway. And away […]

If All You See…

…are world killing dogs causing trees to die, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on DC residents saying “nope” to Fauci.

Biden Signs COVID Declassification Bill, Will Withhold Some Information

Who wants to bet that the documents he withholds will be the pertinent ones? Biden signs COVID declassification bill, hints at withholding some information President Biden on Monday signed a bill directing the federal government to declassify intelligence about the origins of COVID-19. The bipartisan legislation allows the Office of the Director of National Intelligence […]

Surprise: New Yorkers Will See Sticker Shock On Their Utility Bills

This is what happens when you replace affordable, dependable, reliable, easily obtainable energy with expensive, unreliable energy at the whim of Government. I mean, great, the green energy is more expensive but less reliable! Sticker shock awaits New Yorkers’ utility bills to fund renewables New York is eager to move away from fossil fuels. Customers, […]

So, Will The Politicized Prosecution Of Trump Happen Today?

Democrats have been playing a very dangerous game in their attempt to Get Trump, one that could easily boomerang back on Democrat Trump probe: law enforcement don’t expect arraignment until next week, virtual option off the table Law enforcement officials met behind closed doors Monday to discuss the logistics of arraigning former President Trump following […]

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