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Miami Youts Ready To Tackle Climate Crisis (scam)

So, are they forgoing all use of fossil fueled travel? No more car rides, bus rides? Ride bikes or walk to school? And to places to take their selfies? Significantly reduce their use of energy on their smartphones? Not get a new phone ever 2 years or less? No new clothes? Miami kids eager to […]

If All You See…

…are carbon pollution driven bad weather clouds, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Earl Of Taint, with a post on white boy stories.

WWIII Watch: We Now Have The Recommended Menu For The Nuclear Apocalypse

Should we be concerned when a Credentialed Media outlet runs an article like this? To survive nuclear apocalypse, you may have to eat nothing but mushrooms, rats, and insects An asteroid plummeted through Earth’s atmosphere and crashed into the sea floor about 66 million years ago, causing an explosion over 6,500 times more powerful than the nuclear […]

Bummer: Global Carbon Emissions Hit Record High In 2022

Now, wait a minute. How could this possibly happen? Despite all the spreading awareness by the Cult of Climastrology, all the pushing of “green” energy, rising use of EVs, and all the Warmists agitating to Do Something, demonizing fossil fuels, etc, one would have though that all those Warmists would have reduced their own carbon […]

Washington Post Suddenly Interested In Getting China To Tell The Truth On COVID

Since this whole thing started, the Washington Post has been hot on demonizing anyone who dared suggest that Wuhan Flu came from a lab, not some rando eating a bat. In fairness, there have been a few pieces, most coming in 2022, that were Just Wondering about the chances of it coming from a lab. […]

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