Bummer: Global Carbon Emissions Hit Record High In 2022

Now, wait a minute. How could this possibly happen? Despite all the spreading awareness by the Cult of Climastrology, all the pushing of “green” energy, rising use of EVs, and all the Warmists agitating to Do Something, demonizing fossil fuels, etc, one would have though that all those Warmists would have reduced their own carbon footprints, right? Reduced their own use of energy? In fairness, the rates did slow, but, not enough to please the cultists

Global carbon dioxide emissions hit new highs last year, says IEA report

Global emissions of carbon dioxide related to energy production grew by 0.9 percent in 2022, reaching a new high of more than 36.8 billion metric tons, according to a report by the International Energy Agency.

The growth was slower than expected and slower than last year’s global GDP growth rate of 3.2 percent as renewable energy growth offset much of the impact of greater coal, oil and natural gas use.

But climate experts stressed that global CO2 emissions must be turned around and shrink on a sustained basis if climate targets are to be met. The IEA said that “emissions still remain on an unsustainable growth trajectory.”

Are those “climate experts” practicing what they preach?

“The apparent slowdown in carbon emissions last year is no cause for celebration,” said Antoine Halff, a founding partner of Kayrros, an energy consulting firm that makes extensive use of satellite imagery. “This is not a positive achievement flowing from virtuous climate policies, but rather a byproduct of Russian aggression and its adverse effect on European energy-intensive industries on the one hand, and on the other hand the nefarious effect of China’s public health policies on its economy.”

“I think the headline is: Emissions are still going up,” said Nathaniel Keohane, the president of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. Although carbon dioxide emissions grew more slowly than GDP, Keohane said, “What drives global warming is not carbon intensity. It’s total emissions, and those are going up.”

If every Warmist made their own footprints zero, that would help, right?

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4 Responses to “Bummer: Global Carbon Emissions Hit Record High In 2022”

  1. CT Ginger says:

    Good, almost all flora in earth depends upon it.

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    GREEN is a global scam designed to take money from one sector and put it in another all the while driving consumption to all-time lows, while artificially inflating interest rates and making it hard to BUY.

    Masks have now been determined to be worthless in preventing covid.

    Natural immunity is more effective than having the shot and since about 80 percent of America has had covid, you are golden. However, people are still going to get covid again, and again and again because the relapse rate is about 40 percent now according to several recent studies. But not to worry Omicron continues to mutate into another form of the cold.

    This is why you hear nothing about covid anymore. The results are in and the SCIENCE WAS WRONG!!!!!!!!!! But the leftist snowflakes never admit they were wrong about anything because SCIENCE IS THEIR GOD.

    Just like AGW. The only difference is that the science is being ignored so a certain segment of our global citizens wins. AKA. CHINA.

    AGW is a scam and it is simply not possible to do what they want us to do in 10 or 15 or 20 years to go green. Hell the entire infrastructure that took 150 years to build they need to double in 10 years to meet their goals.

    A lie, pushed by CHINA to get all the energy of the world pushed to them at dirt cheap prices so they CONTROL THE WORLD!

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The right should be celebrating their victory! You’ve exposed the scam of global warming and defeated the warmists! The global efforts to halt global warming will ultimately fail. Unfortunately, fuelists will also oppose efforts to adapt to the warming Earth. Oh well, your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will just have to suck it up and adjust. Humanity will survive.

    BTW, the 7-day moving average of Covid deaths is at 700/day, up from last week’s 300/day. Might just be a blip. Admittedly, most of the deaths are in old folks or people with chronic comorbidities such as obesity; CV disease; disabilities; diabetes; dementia; chronic, kidney, liver, lung diseases; cancer; stupidity; minorities etc. And to be honest, as the reasonable Mr Dana would say, America is better off with these people dead. Look at the savings benefit of 200,000 additional defective, old and stupid Americans dying every year.

  4. Dan says:

    Thers is no actual proof that anthropogenic carbon increases have any relationship to the climate. That doesn’t stop leftist from lying about it. And the increase is NOT caused by the US or Europe. It’s ALL being caused by Asia, mostly China, and India.

    Now I’m sure Elwood P Troll will be along shortly to point out how wrong I am like the good liberal troll he is.

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