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The Way You Eat Is Bad For The Climate Or Something

It’s always something doomy, and always about you being forced to change your life How could the way we eat contribute to global warming? Greenhouse gas emissions from the way humans produce and consume food could add nearly 1 degree of warming to the Earth’s climate by 2100, according to a new study. Continuing the […]

If All You See…

…are Evil fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on DaleyBabes Asians.

Tucker Carlson Releases Some J6 Video, Colluding Media Can’t Handle It

Most of the Credentialed Media has been in the pocket of the government in this whole thing, refusing to cover Americans who have been held in lockup for months and years, treated more harshly than murders Newly Unearthed Jan. 6 Footage ‘Demolishes’ Dems’ ‘Insurrection’ Claims, Tucker Carlson Says Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Monday […]

Surprise: Biden’s “Clean Energy” Jobs Going To Right To Work States

Would you rather start and run a business in a state that will not make it a pain in the rear end to get up and running, won’t put massive amounts of regulations and roadblocks in the way, won’t micromanage you with tons of government, and won’t take a good chunk of your money, or, […]

Workers In Far Left City Of Asheville Shocked And Upset Over Crime

It’s rather amusing. The people who voted for far left politicians to enact far left crime policies are surprised that far left crime policies were enacted. And do not like the outcome Workers in Democrat-run North Carolina tourist city bemoan downtown decline: ‘Really disturbing’ Business owners and workers in a Democrat-run North Carolina tourist town said their […]

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