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Biden Admin Admit Fossil Fuels Have Better Energy Security

Obviously, they aren’t going to let facts get in the way of pushing their cult beliefs Biden admin makes stunning admission on climate agenda in leaked internal memo The Biden administration acknowledged in a memo, accidentally leaked on Friday, that charging fossil fuel companies less to drill would provide “greater energy security” despite its plans to hike […]

If All You See…

…is an area turning to desert that’s also getting too much rain, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Flopping Aces, with a post on ESG=CCP.

Biden Doesn’t Want To Talk About Holding China Accountable For COVID

He’s not even willing to give a mealy-mouthed politician style answer Biden dodges reporters after question on COVID-19 origin: ‘Will you hold China accountable?’ As President Biden left the White House Friday, he approached then swiftly turned his back on reporters after one asked him to comment on COVID-19’s origins. On Tuesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray told […]

Yellen Wants World Bank To Take Action On Climate Crisis (scam)

Very easy for her to say, as it’s easy for her to takes lots of fossil fueled flights, like the one she just took to Ukraine Center for Strategic and International Studies On February 9, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spoke at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, urging the World Bank to “evolve” and be “bolder […]

WWIII Watch: For Some Reason The U.S. Attorney General Showed Up In Ukraine

Who’s next, Mayor Pete? Susan Rice (director of domestic policy council)? John Kerry? Deb Haaland (Sec Of Interior)? Tom Vilisak (Sec Of Agriculture)? Doesn’t the AG have better things to do, what with all the fentanyl streaming across the border, people attacking Jewish and Christian centers, and more? Attorney General Merrick Garland makes unannounced trip […]

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