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Biden Upsets Warmists By Approving Alaskan Oil Project

These would be the same climate cultists who refuse to give up their own use of fossil fuels. But, Biden did throw them a bone Biden Administration Approves Huge Alaska Oil Project The Biden administration on Monday will formally approve a huge oil drilling project in Alaska known as Willow, according to two people familiar […]

If All You See…

…is horrible fossil fuels caused heat snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Twitchy, with a post on Brandon blaming Trump for SVD and then running away from questions.

Surprise: No Big COVID Surge This Winter

Why do I read this article and think that ABC and Good Morning America are totally bummed out that huge numbers of people were not getting COVID, not getting it bad, and not dying? The winter COVID wave that wasn’t: Why the US didn’t see a surge When the United States saw COVID-19 cases and deaths […]

Who’s Up For Lab-grown Milk To Stop Climate Doom?

Thanks, no thanks. I prefer the real thing. That said, how soon till the Cult of Climastrology advocates that real milk be fazed out because moocows are Bad, and get politicians to push this? If you think that’s too far fetched, a conspiracy theory, you haven’t been paying attention (I’m reading the paywalled article via […]

Will This Be Bank Panic Monday?

This Breitbart piece went up around 6pm Sunday, hopefully it’s all for naught U.S. Scrambles to Prepare Financial Backstop to Stave Off Banking Panic The U.S. government is scrambling on Sunday night to prepare emergency measures to shore up banks and the U.S. economy as the nation braces for a potential bank run on Monday. […]

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