Climahypocrite Senator Whitehouse Looks To Put Climate Crisis (scam) In Budget

Whitehouse has been banging his green drum for quite some time, and, in all that, he’s never mentioned what he’s done in his own life. He still lives in his big house, still drives fossil fueled vehicles, and still flies, including from Rhode Island to D.C. instead of taking the train. And now

Same Message, Bigger Audience: Sen. Whitehouse Flags Climate Costs

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island, has given 287 speeches on the Senate floor raising alarms about climate change, often delivered mainly to the C-SPAN cameras in a nearly empty chamber.

But now Mr. Whitehouse has a much bigger megaphone for his zeal for saving the planet, and one with real power: earlier this year, Mr. Whitehouse became chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, which shapes federal spending and revenue. He is using his new authority to argue that a warming planet poses fiscal dangers, injecting climate change into the partisan fight over federal spending, just as economists warned that the nation is nearing a catastrophic default on its debt.

At his first committee hearing as chairman on Feb. 15, he focused on the risks of climate change to the federal budget and the global economy. He gave each of his colleagues a 615-page binder detailing the fiscal threats posed by droughts, storms, wildfires and rising seas.

The new chairman is also pushing a solution that he believes could draw support from at least a handful of Republicans, even if they aren’t eager to support climate action. It’s essentially a tariff added to imported goods like steel and cement based on the carbon emissions created by their production. Analysts project that a carbon tariff placed on imported steel and aluminum, just two of many products that would be covered, could raise tens of billions of dollars over a decade.

It will be interesting to see the final product. How much will be pure climate cult, and how much will be things that might sorta make sense, like the above? And, how much will Republicans object against the cult stuff? Because we know how they like to wilt. We’ve watched this for a long time.

Many Republicans disagree. At the Budget committee’s February hearing, Senator Mike Lee, Republican of Utah, said the nation’s ballooning deficit and debt are “driven by runaway profligate spending by the federal government, not because of any effects of climate change.” Mr. Lee slammed those “on the left who seek to use climate alarmism to justify a widespread federal government takeover of our economy.”

Unfortunately, there are enough Republicans who’ll go all sorts of squishy.

Mr. Whitehouse’s counterpart in the House of Representatives, Republican Jodey Arrington of Texas, said a carbon tariff is a nonstarter. “Republicans on the Budget Committee are focused on ways to rein in spending and unleash American prosperity and energy independence,” said Mr. Arrington, who chairs the House Budget committee. “A carbon tariff would result in just the opposite — higher energy costs for consumers and more regulatory burden on an economy teetering on recession.”

Why would Sheldon and his Democrat Comrades care? They’re rich. It won’t hurt them.

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9 Responses to “Climahypocrite Senator Whitehouse Looks To Put Climate Crisis (scam) In Budget”

  1. Down on the Corner says:

    The left is becoming warmongers. You know it’s been said that about every 80 years or Oh I don’t know like say the 5th turning theory, each political side flips a switch and becomes the other party.

    “Are we attempting to contain China? Is that an accurate statement? Are we also attempting to deter China from conflict in the region? You betcha, we are doing that,” Keane said. “And this administration, while I’ve been critical of them because of our military erosion, the fact is they have strengthened the allies and partners in the region.” Including sending more ships, planes, and men to the region and building new bases in the Philippines. Encouraging Japan to build NUKES.

    Warmongering Russia using the proxy Ukraine. Blowing up the Nordstream pipeline. Telling all us conservatives we are traitors if we don’t support the war on terror………er I mean the war on Russians and coming more into focus….the war on Asians.

    Falling in love with the Patriot act and surveilling US citizens for their OWN reasons when in the beginning of the act under Bush they were marching in the streets against it. Marching in the streets against the wars in the middle east and now banging their drums for more wars against Russians who by the way are almost 1/2 muslim now.

    The 5th turning is here. Enjoy.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    But some Republicans will work with Senator Whitehouse. Also from the hateful Mr Teach’s cited article:

    Mr. Whitehouse has had some successes. He worked with Mr. Manchin on legislation that promotes carbon capture technology, which contains the gas before it escapes into the atmosphere.

    He has worked with senior Republicans, including Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming and Senator Shelly Moore Capito of West Virginia — both opponents of Mr. Biden’s climate change agenda — on legislation to maintain and expand the number of zero-emission nuclear power plants.

    “I have no question that the impact of climate change is going to be significant, devastating in some areas more than others,” said Mr. Romney, who as the Republican presidential candidate in 2012 mocked former President Barack Obama’s pledge to fight global warming. “If we want to do something serious about global emissions then we need to put a price on carbon.”

    “Sheldon is willing to go over that line and talk to people and find practical solutions,” (Frank Maisano, fossil fuel lobbyist), said. “It’s shone through already in his work on carbon capture and nuclear. A lot of these climate activists, and House progressives, would never be willing to do that.”

    And the Earth continues to retain more of the warmth of the Sun…

    But Deniers should feel encouraged* since there is no hint the people of Earth will do anything to significantly slow CO2 emissions!

    *We know, we know… Deniers are little interested in global warming. Deniers are mostly driven by “the fight” – with “owning the libs”.

  3. Jl says:

    “Deniers aren’t interested…”. What exactly are they denying? They’re interested in evidence of the claim that “the effects of climate change are going to be significant and devastating in some area more than others”. Have any?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      At their base level, Deniers deny physics and chemistry. This willful ignorance enables them to deny global warming. Deniers long denied that the Earth was warming; some still do.

      Kicking and screaming, Deniers were dragged to reality, being pummeled with undeniable evidence that the Earth was warming.

      Deniers deny that CO2 is, or is even capable of causing global warming. After all, the Earth is big and CO2 is a trace gas.

      Deniers like carbon girl famously move the goalposts – they now claim they always knew that the Earth was warming and that CO2 was causing warming – but now: Deniers deny that global warming has had or is even capable of having significant negative effects on human societies.

      Deniers like carbon girl insist on proof, but then deny the evidence. They deny that there is decreased Arctic sea ice, that the great ice sheets are losing ice, that the rate of sea rise has increased, that glaciers are losing ice, that ocean pH is decreasing…

      To their credit, Deniers HAVE constructed their own “theory of everything”, which they share with the “new conservatism” movement, MAGAtism, and the new white, Christian nationalism movement: Globally, Communists, American Democrats (communists), liberals, LGBTQs, non-Christians, and non-whites have banded together with the ultimate goal of non-Caucasian/non-Christian Communist heathens gaining CONTROL of ALL aspects of human behaviors, completely destroying all human independence and FREEDOM, ceding all to STATE power holders!

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Rimjob: Deniers deny physics and chemistry.

        Now that’s funny right there, ya dumbfuck. This coming from a chubby guy who claimed CO2 “captures heat” and is the main driver of climate. Cry harder.

        Bwaha! Lolgfy

      • Jl says:

        Drama Queen boy at it again-“deny physics and chemistry”. What physics and chemistry? The warmunists can’t deny that there’s no simple physics experiment demonstrating the agw hypothesis. Very inconvenient. “Deny gw”. Uh, no-same old BS. The skeptics simply argue the cause and extent of the warming. Both of those are still in play. Very inconvenient. “Deny that gw has had or capable of having significant negative effects on human societies”. Drama boy confuses the facts again, because they don’t fit his narrative. Sorry, but the only thing being denied is the fact that there’s no verifiable evidence of “significant negative effects”. If there was, drama boy could have helped all of us along by listing the alleged negative effects and the proof that the cause is”gw”. Good luck on that one. “Deny decreased Arctic ice”. Nope-again, just the cause and how much. Numerous papers show that there’s more ice now than over the last 10,000 years when CO2 was lower. There’s numerous articles of scare stories of Arctic ice loss and receding glaciers from early last century. So, what caused the ice loss back them? Very inconvenient. “Rate of sea ice loss increased”. Except it hasn’t-that’s simply an artifact of changing the satellite measuring system. “Ocean ph is decreasing”. Drama boy-no one is denying that. Again, the argument is the alleged effects, and the fact it’s happened before, and that the negative effects “predicted” by the alarmists haven’t come true. Very inconvenient. Drama boy ends his rant with more unsupported assumptions having nothing to do with the climate question, probably due to Twitter allowing more free speech, and the COVID and Jan 6th narratives falling apart. Or, he just caught another major case of Trump derangement Syndrom

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