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Soundbar: Samsung HW-Q700A 3.1.2 With Dolby Atmos

This is the fourth soundbar I’ve tried. I gave the Vizio M512a-H6, which is a 5.1.2, a try. It went back. I did not like how the voice was really centered , was distracting. Plus, the volume was problematic. Then the LG SP8YA. It went back. Same centered voice issue. Then the Philips B8405, which […]

Secretary Granholm Says Americans Can Save Money By Spending Lots

These people are truly deluded. Demented. Out of touch with most Americans Granholm Defends Inflation Bill By Explaining How Americans Can Spend More Money On Their Homes The Biden Administration’s energy secretary Jennifer Granholm was schooled by CNN’s “State of the Union” host Brianna Keilar, Sunday, after making a series of comments regarding the Inflation […]

If All You See…

…are umbrellas needed to protect us from the Sun as climate change makes it hotter, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Doug Ross @ Journal, with a big linkage post.

Joe Manchin To Soon See His Permitting Deal Crash And Burn

In order to get the utterly misnamed Inflation Reduction Act, which was really just Build Back Better version 4, passed with the support of Joe Manchin, Chuck Schumer promised him permitting reform. I wonder how that will work Democrat calls for stand-alone vote on permitting deal, saying he doesn’t feel ‘obligation’ to vote for it […]

Experts Predict Flooding Doom For California Coming Sometime

Of all the articles I’ve perused on this little bit of doomsaying, I’ve yet to see one which gives a timeframe Experts warn California of a disaster ‘larger than any in world history.’ It’s not an earthquake. Megadrought may be the main weather concern across the West right now amid the constant threat of wildfires and earthquakes. But a new study […]

CBS News Finally Lets Us Know Inflation Reduction Act Probably Won’t Reduce Inflation

Man, if only we had a news media which did their job before massive, citizen behavior changing, IRS enforcement and tax increasing, energy killing legislation is passed One thing the Inflation Reduction Act may not do: Lower inflation The Inflation Reduction Act is aimed at tackling a host of problems, from climate change to catching […]

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