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Good News: Almost No EVs Will Qualify For The Tax Credits

This is what happens when you neither read nor understand the legislation you’re voting for, when you’re just desperate to Do Something and do not really consider that it actually has to make sense, not just be a Talking Point The climate bill could short-circuit EV tax credits, making qualifying for them nearly impossible The […]

If All You See…

…is horrible carbon polluting concrete, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on Biden’s Afghanistan debacle one year later.

NY Times: Consumers Will Totally Save Money From IRA

I love that Democrats are referring to the Inflation Reduction Act as the IRA (when they aren’t referring to it as pretty much anything besides an inflation reduction measure), because it’s going to blow a lot of things up (not paywalled version here) Consumers Will Benefit From Lower Utility Bills and Cheaper Home Upgrades, Energy […]

NY Times: Say, These EVs Are Rather Expensive For The Middle And Lower Classes, Eh?

After all this time pushing how utterly wonderful EVs are, the NY Times finally got the memo. The best part is the subhead Electric Cars Too Costly for Many, Even With Aid in Climate Bill Battery-powered vehicles are considered essential to the fight against climate change, but most models are aimed at the affluent. Oh, […]

Politicized FBI Raids Trump’s Mar-O-Lago

This is the same FBI which refused to do its job when Hillary Clinton broke national security law, worked to destroy Trump before the 2016 election, pushed the phony Russia collusion, and tried to cover up Hunter Biden’s stuff and how it links to Joe Biden, among others FBI Raids Former President Donald Trump’s Home […]

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