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French Government Already Looking To Establish Climate Crisis Con Police

I wonder if the CCCP (or maybe Climate Disaster Security (CDS)?) will go after all the politicians who have huge carbon footprints and lots and lots of fossil fueled travel? Great Reset: French Govt to Recruit 3,000 ‘Green Police’ over Climate Change A senior minister in France has demanded that the country create 3,000 ‘green […]

If All You See…

…is a bright blue sky from ‘climate change’ causing lots of heat and drought, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jo Nova, with a post Woke having a grip on young women.

Bidenflation Spikes Cost Of Tailgating This Year

Have you noticed that the closer we get to the November mid-terms the more the Credentialed Media disappears everything inflation related? Well, you the consumer still notice (non-paywalled version at Yahoo) Tailgating costs are up ‘substantially’ this year as travel, food costs are hit by inflation Tailgating is about to get more expensive, according to […]

Biden Plans More Actions To Cut Your Carbon Footprint

Not his, of course. He’s still going to take lots and lots of fossil fueled trips, live high on the hog After Signing Climate Bill, Biden Prepares More Actions to Cut Emissions Fresh off signing expansive climate legislation, President Biden and his administration are planning a series of executive actions to further reduce greenhouse gas […]

Illegal Alien Supporting Sanctuary Cities Still Upset Over Bused Illegals

The Democrats are very much OK with illegal aliens as long as they are Over There, or at least not providing inconvenience Texas migrant buses overwhelm New York, Washington D.C. New York and Washington, D.C., have become overwhelmed as Texas continues to send buses of migrants to those cities. Why it matters: New York and D.C. officials say they […]

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