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Surprise: Politicized FBI Told Agents To Not Investigate Hunter Biden Pre-2020 Election

No, no, there’s absolutely zero bias at the FBI/DOJ FBI Officials Told Agents Not to Investigate Hunter Biden Laptop ahead of 2020 Election, Whistleblower Says A whistleblower claims FBI officials instructed agents not to investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop ahead of the 2020 presidential election, saying the bureau was “not going to change the outcome of […]

Ford To Slash 3,000 Jobs As It Pushes Electric Vehicles

What was that talking point about the Green New Deal, er, Inflation Reduction Act creating lots of good paying jobs? Ford is slashing thousands of jobs as it goes electric. Experts say a tidal wave of layoffs will rock the industry as it undergoes a seismic shift. Automakers from General Motors to Toyota are on a mission to phase […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful walkway so Other People can be forced out of their cars, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Common Cents Blog, with a post on Biden forgiving lots of student debt.

LGBT’s Accuse Church Of Bullying For Building Cross Shaped Ocean Pier

See, tolerance  is a one way street. How dare the Methodist church do this! Jersey Shore Christians Accused of ‘Bullying’ LGBTQ+ for Building Cross-Shaped Ocean Pier A community along the Jersey Shore established as a Methodist retreat in 1869 is building a pier out of its boardwalk shaped like a cross, prompting outrage from the […]

Biden Admin Blocks Mining In US, Funds Canadian Mines

I just wonder how soon till we see Canadian climate crisis scam groups suing to stop the mines Biden Admin Moves To Fund Canadian Mines While Blocking US Mining Efforts The Biden administration is considering funding the Canadian mining and metal industry as it is desperate to acquire more rare earth minerals to build renewable […]

Texas Governor Keeps Sending More Buses To NYC

Greg Abbott is such a giving guy, you know 5 more migrant buses from Texas arrive in NYC as Abbott calls out Adams’ ‘hypocrisy’ Five more buses arrived in New York City from Texas on Wednesday, the most buses in one day to reach the Big Apple. The new buses are only the latest to […]

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