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Apparently, It’s Time To Scaremonger The West Coast On Tsunami Doom

Seriously, would it be so bad if we lost the left wing Democratic Party run hellholes on the West Coast? How West Coast residents should prepare for the threat of a tsunami When most people hear the word “tsunami,” they may imagine a massive wave, but that’s actually a misconception that researchers in Washington state […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful urban area where Everyone Else can be forced to bike and walk, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Gates Of Vienna, with a post on asylum youths brawling because they don’t like the food.

Unhinged Liz Cheney Loses Badly, Compares Herself To Lincoln In Ungracious Concession Speech

So far, of the 10 Democrat helping GOP representatives who voted to impeach Trump the 2nd time, 4 decided not to run again, 2 will be running in November, and 4 have been ousted, with the latest being Cheney. Even with all the help from Democrats If you have to rely on Democrats to win, […]

Surprise: Record Warming In 1954 Doesn’t Disprove Anthropogenic Climate Doom

Nothing can possibly disprove the hypothesis of anthropogenic climate change/global warming, hence, it is a Belief, not a science Record heat in 1954 does not disprove global warming Social media posts claim a US heatwave in the summer of 1954 proves global warming is “only an agenda.” This is false; temperatures did break records in […]

Here Are 4 Ways The IRA Will Kick In Immediately

I’m sure there’s something about reducing inflation, right? Inflation Reduction Act: 4 ways it will kick in right away The signing Tuesday of the Inflation Reduction Act is set to kick off a parade of action from the Biden administration and other Democrats to sell the bill to the public. While some analysis shows it won’t meaningfully reduce […]

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