Apparently, It’s Time To Scaremonger The West Coast On Tsunami Doom

Seriously, would it be so bad if we lost the left wing Democratic Party run hellholes on the West Coast?

How West Coast residents should prepare for the threat of a tsunami

When most people hear the word “tsunami,” they may imagine a massive wave, but that’s actually a misconception that researchers in Washington state are trying to correct. Since the state’s coastline is at risk of being hit with a devastating tsunami following an earthquake of magnitude 7.5, the state is trying to educate the public about what it actually would be like.

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources released a wave simulation study in July and shared a bit of startling news: a tsunami in Puget Sound could engulf Seattle’s shoreline, leaving it under more than 20 feet of water within minutes.

Several videos released along with the study illustrate how an earthquake-triggered tsunami would most likely cause water to inundate the coastal areas around Seattle. From land, a tsunami functions and looks more like a storm surge from a hurricane than a tidal wave.

In the U.S. there are over 90 million people living in coastal counties, including more than 30 million on the West Coast. While tsunamis big enough to flood North America are rare, the data from the Washington study concludes that tsunami waves could reach the shoreline in fewer than three minutes in many areas of western Seattle, including parts of Bainbridge Island, Elliott Bay and Alki Point. The tsunami inundation and strong currents have the potential to continue for more than three hours from the start of the earthquake, according to the simulation.

This article is not the only one out there pushing Doom, which, let’s be honest, the news media has to do periodically.

The West Coast is considered to be at a high to very high risk for these phenomena because of tectonic plates that meet in this part of the country. Large earthquakes in these areas can cause the seafloor to rise and spark a tsunami. According to the National Weather Service, the U.S.’s most damaging tsunami was caused by the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964, which was a magnitude 9.2. A 7.5 earthquake striking in the area is very unlikely in any given year, but it is possible.

The piece spends a lot of paragraphs on tsunamis, how they happen, the damage they can and have caused, but, can you guess why this interested me?

Some scientists and geologists believe climate change plays a role in these potentially devastating disasters, but mostly in Alaska, where melting glaciers are a real threat.

“As global warming continues to thaw glaciers and permafrost, landslide-created tsunamis are emerging as a greater threat — not just in Alaska, but in places like British Columbia and Norway,” said Woods Hole Research Center scientist Anna Liljedahl in a 2020 statement released by the state of Alaska.

How many will think Other People driving fossil fueled vehicles are responsible for earthquake created ones? The ones from thawing, which happens periodically in the Holocene, are localized. Ones like the Indonesian and Japanese tsunamis from the massive earthquakes cover a huge area. The Japanese one sent waves to California. Madagascar got some from the Indonesian. And, yes, the climate cult does link them to ‘climate change’. It’s a cult, not a science.

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  1. Hairy says:

    Actually the only place I read about anyone blevins that climate change will increase the likelihood of quakes or tsunamis is here. It is certainly not a Viewpoint as widely accepted as……. God creates earthquakes to punidh us

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