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Warmists Waiting For That Climate Change Tipping Point

But not the one you’re thinking of (Concord Monitor) One of these days, the tipping point will be reached. No, not the tipping point that leads to a continued warming of the globe. That one, unfortunately, is probably behind us. The even more elusive tipping point is the action, event or increased collective concern that […]

Detroit Apparently Auditioning For “Life After People”

I forget what website I was on a couple days ago that was discussing some other issue with Detroit, made I made the comment to the effect that Detroit is the model for that History Channel TV series “Life After People”. I might have been closer to the truth (Bloomberg) As many as 50,000 stray […]

If All You See…

…is baby that is bad for carbon pollution, and Everyone Else should be restricted from having them (especially Black people in 3rd world countries), you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Other McCain, who continues to write furiously on the #FreeKate movement.

Obama Takes Neverending Campaign To Young Voters For His Failed Economic Policies

Rather than sitting down with Congress, the duly elected government branch that passes laws (he isn’t even sitting down with people in his own Party), Obama’s taking the show on the road (The Hill) President Obama begins a two-day college bus tour Thursday hoping to rally support for economic policies that have failed to gain […]

Mega-Climahypocrite Al Gore Compares Climate Realists To Anti Abolitionists, Racists, Homophobes, And Alcoholic Families

Al Gore sat down for an interview with the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein, and provides some real howlers. Here’s the part relevant to the headline (via Watts Up With That?) EK: Give me the optimistic scenario on what happens next. If all goes well, what do the next few years look like on this issue? […]

Kansas And Arizona Sue To Allow Proof Of US Citizenship To Vote

Oh yes they did (Fox News) Kansas and Arizona filed a lawsuit jointly against the federal government Wednesday over requirements needed to register to vote. The lawsuit demands that the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission modify the federal voter registration form in both states so it would allow for proof of citizenship when people sign up […]

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