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Hmm, Now Presidenty McBombypants Will Seek Congressional Approval

After making everyone watch an empty podium for over half an hour (O was probably waiting for halftime) and before hitting the links, PMBP decided to send the Syrian issue over to Congress for a vote President Obama said Saturday that the United States has decided to use military force against Syria, calling last week’s […]

If All You See…

…is an evil plastic bottle that’s evil not because they make a mess of the environment, but because of CO2, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Capital Preservation, which picks up an interesting slip of the tongue by Obama.

Putin Triple Dog Dares President McBombypants To Pony Up Evidence On Syria

Thanks to Purp at Ace of Spades for the President McBombypants thing (hey, remember when Obama and Democrats derided McCain for bomb bomb bomb Iran, which is well on their way to making nuclear weapons?). Niles Gardner notes that Obama is an embarrassment and an amateur on the international stage, having really built no alliances, […]

Nature Suggests Treating “High Carbon Lifestyles” Like Drug Addiction

I have to wonder how much CO2 was generated by putting this article on the Internet, what with all the energy required (via The Hockey Schtick) (Nature) Lessons from addiction may help to transform our high-carbon lifestyle. It is often said that those of us who live in affluent, developed counties are ‘addicted’ to our […]

Oh, Good, NY Times Blames UN And Congress, Saying They’ve Abdicated Their Role On Syria

Interesting. Polls range from 50% to 80% saying Americans do not want to military strikes on Syria. And 80% want Congressional approval. Yet, Mr. Obama has stated that he’s not going to bother with more than a few meetings and briefings, nothing heavy nor involved, nor is he going to seek a vote, like PM […]

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