Hmm, Now Presidenty McBombypants Will Seek Congressional Approval

After making everyone watch an empty podium for over half an hour (O was probably waiting for halftime) and before hitting the links, PMBP decided to send the Syrian issue over to Congress for a vote

President Obama said Saturday that the United States has decided to use military force against Syria, calling last week’s alleged chemical weapons attack there “an attack on human dignity,” but said he would seek congressional authorization for an attack.

The announcement puts off an imminent cruise missile strike, a prospect that had put the region on edge and stoked intense debate in the United States, where many dread getting dragged into a new war. It is not clear what the Obama administration would do if Congress declines to authorize a military operation.

This can be read a couple ways. We can look at it and say “he wants to make sure that this is approved by lawmakers”, yet, that doesn’t fit the pattern with Obama over the past 4+ years. Realistically, it’s more like he’s trying to dig himself out of the “red line” hole he dug, pushing the issue out further and further till “squirrel!!!” Also


Which goes with

That’s his normal pattern. If he has good evidence, let’s see it. I’d have no problem with giving a good beating to Assad. None of this limited “here’s exactly where we’re going to strike” stuff. If you’re deploying the US military, make the beating hurt.

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5 Responses to “Hmm, Now Presidenty McBombypants Will Seek Congressional Approval”

  1. john says:

    Conservatives had no problem in allowing Hitler to gas civilians. Teach do you think Assad should be allowed to gas civilians? 10% of Syrian’s population are christians. Should he be allowed to gas any of them?

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  3. Yorkshire says:

    Send this to your Congress Critters about Syria and Benghazi. Please SHARE:

    This is simple, before any authorization VOTE, President Obama must fully explain in writing where he was the night of Benghazi, and what was going on at the mission there. It appears Benghazi and Syria are joined at the hip issues. Anything less than that, no vote will be taken, or a vote of “NO” if taken. (Can this message be sent to the Appropriate Chair on Benghazi and/or the Syrian Attack Authorization)

  4. Blick says:

    Where are all the anti-war protesters? Or is this a JUST war? And why is Kerry asking American soldiers to die for Obama’s mistake. Obama has no international support, no congressional support, no popular support, no UN resolutions, no NATO support, no Arab League support, only tepid media support. One of the rules of leadership is to check behind you to make sure you have followers. I don’t see any behind Obama.

  5. gitarcarver says:

    So john, do you think Obama should show further contempt for US law and the Constitution in launching a strike whenever he wants?

    Why do you believe Obama is not bound by the law and the Constitution?

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