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Sony BDPS 5100 Sorta Review

As you might remember from about 2 weeks ago I mentioned that my Blu-ray player had died, so I got a new one. Well, because Gumball did this… ..I decided to get to check out some others. Well, really, there were a few features I really wanted, such as volume on the remote. I ended […]

If All You See…

…is an world turned to drought, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Gay Patriot, who wonders why homicide laws are different for men and women

What Say To A $300k Burger To Save Us From Bad Weather?

This sounds much like many of the Warmist prescriptions (WRAL) For hamburgers that cost more than $300,000 to produce, you might expect fries and a shake too. But this is no ordinary burger being served to two volunteer taste-testers in London on Monday. This meat was grown in a laboratory from stem cells of cattle. […]

Warmist: Hey, Maybe We Need The Same Type Of Sacrifice To Stop Bad Weather The Incas Used

Funny thing is, the downfall of the Incas occurred around the same time the Little Ice Age got going (Guardian) Although their empire existed for a scant 100 years before being cut short in 1533 by the arrival of the Spaniards, the Incas managed to create 26,000 miles of roads, ruled an empire of 10 […]

Municipalities Look To Get Their Unionized Employees Of Cadillac Plans And Into Obamacare

Remember the days when Obamacare was meant to be a way for the 30-45 million Americans with no health insurance to obtain health insurance? Good times, good times (NY Times) Cities and towns across the country are pushing municipal unions to accept cheaper health benefits in anticipation of a component of the Affordable Care Act […]

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