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So, A Bunch Of People With No Skills Went On Strike For More Pay Yesterday

I wonder if next week’s headline will be “Unemployment Applications Rise” followed by “Fast Food Restaurants Advertise For Lots of Newly Opened Positions” (Raleigh N&O) About 50 Triangle fast-food workers joined a nationwide strike Thursday, rallying outside several chain restaurants in Raleigh and Durham for a $15-an-hour wage. Organized largely through social media and word […]

If All You See…

…is a horrid drought world that would be perfect for a wind farm, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Rhymes With Right, with a post on Obamacare, taxes, and John Roberts screwing the pooch.

Bummer: Humanity Getting Closer To Extinction From A Slight Increase In CO2 Or Something

Some are Warmists, some are Alarmists. Either way, most of them are bat-shit crazy (KCET) In the last few days an alarming (ie, batshit crazy) article making the rounds on social media has revived the idea that our species might be doing itself in by changing the global climate. The article, by vice.com’s Nathan Curry, […]

Politicized DOJ Decides To Pick And Choose Which Federal Laws To Enforce On Marijuana

I’ve written before and I’ll write again that I don’t have a problem with marijuana usage, since it is really not a bad drug, and is much less dangerous than alcohol. However, it is still considered a Schedule I drug, illegal under federal law, which deems it to have no medicinal purposes. That last part […]

The Lonely, Unilateral President

Poor Obama. So far, the only two countries he has engaged in a coalition of the willing or something has been France and England. And England has said “nope, no thanks”, in terms of attacking Syria. Well, their Parliament voted against any action on a narrow vote, anyhow, since PM David Cameron did something wild […]

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