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Michael “Robust Debate” Hearts Fossil Fuels Funded Al Jazeera

Why, you ask? (via Tom Nelson and Climate Depot) (Buzzfeed) Climate activists, though, don’t see a problem: Reporting on, or even talking about, climate change over Al Jazeera airwaves, they say, is an improvement from what viewers see on the networks or the three leading cable news channels — no matter the source of funding. […]

If All You See…

…is a world that is so hot that palm trees grow in Alaska, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bishop Hill, with a post noting one turbine per kettle.

California Looks To Limit “Revenge Porn”

I actually do not think this is a bad idea… (SF Chronicle) State lawmakers are attempting to limit a distressing social media phenomenon known as “revenge porn,” where spurned suitors post intimate photos of their ex-lovers on the Internet for all to see. The Assembly is set to debate a bill that would make such conduct […]

Farmers’ Almanac: Get Your Heavy Duty Long Johns Ready For Winter

They’re predicting a really cold winter, and, let’s face it, their predictions tend to be quite a bit better than the computer models of Warmists. They also put themselves out there by predicting what’s coming shortly, versus the Warmists that predict 50, 100, 1000 years out (BTW, how’s that “ice free Arctic in 2013” working […]

Surprisingly, There’s No Silver Bullet For Obama In Regards To Syria

The White House is pretty sure that the Assad regime in Syria is behind the recent chemical attack, but, now, what are they going to do about it? There are several factors in play. As the Arab Spring started, particularly with the Green Revolution in Iran, Team Obama was MIA, refusing to take a stance. […]

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