Sony BDPS 5100 Sorta Review

As you might remember from about 2 weeks ago I mentioned that my Blu-ray player had died, so I got a new one. Well, because Gumball did this…


..I decided to get to check out some others. Well, really, there were a few features I really wanted, such as volume on the remote. I ended up going with the Sony BDPS 5100, obtained at Walmart for $118. It’s not that I didn’t like the Philips, I still think it is an awesome value. I just wanted more. Plus, I was concerned with some of the reviews about 3D.

The Sony remote allows for volume control, as well as turning TV off and on. Also, supposedly will allow to change TV input source, but that never works with my Olevia by Syntax TV.

The 3D gets awesome reviews. The picture and sound quality are excellent. The way Sony has formatted the design keeps dust and dirt and spiders out of the optical drive. It’s Energy Star compliant. And it has multiple, and easy to find, buttons, though they’re still on top. DVDs load fast.

Another great feature is Sideview, an app that can be used to control the player, and other compliant Sony devices, from Droid devices. Up to a point. I’d like to see a bit more functionality, such as not just being able to start Pandora, but scroll through and pick the channel from the Droid.

The player also has an enormous amount of apps. Movies, music, weather, news, games … lots. I’ve watch many movies via Crackle. First time I’ve seen Stripes uncut and in R rated version in at least 20 years. Candy Stripers (horror) was bad. Godzilla 2000 was worse.

I cranked up some metal with Slacker. Used some YouTube. Test with VuDu was fast, no lag, even for HD. There are enough apps to make even an entitled liberal like John happy 🙂

You can also cruise the ‘net with it, though I probably never will.

Then there’s DLNA. With DNLA I’m able to browse movies, photos, and music on my Droids and laptop. I can also send same to the player. Took a big to figure it out, but, got it working. No true mirroring, but, oh well, I’d barely use it. It’s a nice feature, though, especially if you want peruse those really big vacation photos on a big screen.

Lots more, overall I’ll give it 4.5 out of 5.

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2 Responses to “Sony BDPS 5100 Sorta Review”

  1. My_Gumballs_IN_3D!! says:


    How else can we get you young whipper snappers to get out of your comfort zone and quit buying that chinese disposable crap. The Japanese disposable crap is where it’s at!

    Be careful there Teach, JG might get upset with you badmouthing one of his favorite movies “Candy Stripers”. That’s dangerous ground there.

    OHHHH, you mean the need-to-fumigate remake in 2006 of the original T&A version from 1978 and there was a much requested sequel in 1985.

  2. Yeah, the 2006 one. Couldn’t even finish.

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