Obama Takes Neverending Campaign To Young Voters For His Failed Economic Policies

Rather than sitting down with Congress, the duly elected government branch that passes laws (he isn’t even sitting down with people in his own Party), Obama’s taking the show on the road

(The Hill) President Obama begins a two-day college bus tour Thursday hoping to rally support for economic policies that have failed to gain traction with the GOP Congress or voters.

Obama will visit four college towns in an effort to win over young voters who polls suggest have soured on the president.

He’ll travel to state universities in the New York college towns of Buffalo, Syracuse and Binghamton, where he’ll host a town hall discussion.

You can bet this will be a speaking tour, not a listening tour, because Obama surely doesn’t want inconvenient questions to come up from these college students, who are being left with tons of student loan debt that can’t be paid off with the types of jobs available in the Obameconomy, namely, low wage part time jobs. But this tour isn’t really about economic policies: it’s about Obama’s flagging approval numbers and patronizing college kids

Obama is expected to tout policies that could appeal to students and their parents during the bus tour, something the White House hopes will turn around his poll numbers.

The effort is also designed to boost Obama ahead of economic fights with Congress in the fall on government spending and the debt ceiling. (snip)

In an email to supporters, Obama said he would offer a new plan “to make college more affordable, tackle rising costs, and improve value for students and their families.”

Why make college more affordable when their are few jobs out there?

“More campaigning isn’t going to change the fact that the Obama presidency and Democratic policies have made life harder for young Americans,” Reince Priebus said, according to The Journal News.

This is what Obama knows. It’s what he’s good at. Sound fiscal policy and actually fixing economic problems? SCOAMF.

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